I remember when I was first starting out in the sport of bowhunting. It seemed like an uphill battle that was never going to get won.  
I didn't have any friends in the sport so I had to do it on my own. That's how a lot of us found our way here to bowhunting.net. So I decided to take all that great information for beginning archers that is on the site and put it in one easy place, here, at The Starting Point.  More will be added as time goes on, Brian Pullam.  

If you have a link that you saw on bowhunting.net and you would like it added, e-mail me. 
   The Ten Rules to Archery 
  The difference between AMO and IBO 
   Bob ragsdale's column. Also Q&A forum. Lots of useful information 
  The steps to shooting a bow 
Frank Pearson's column. Lots of useful info. 
Equipment setup. Explanations by Fred Lutger. 
Tips on buying a bow. 
Father Rich's Thoughts on bowhunting's moral value. 
How to paper tune your bow 
Better Bowhunting column by Freddie Troncosco 
What to expect when you buy a bow. 
Differences in modern bows. Also what all that lingo means. 
How to setup your new bow. 
Jim Crumley's Secrets to bowhunting. 
Randy Ulmer's 5 minute tuning method. 
Brenda Valentine: Chosing your first bow 
Bow setup - especially for the Gals 
Important things that are not often explained to the new shooter 
Eva Troncoso: Where to begin 
Basic safety rules for archery 
Doug Besherse (Traditional Archery): 
The right way to get into Traditional Archery 
Which should I use a Recurve or Longbow? 
Traditional bowhunting Dictionary 
Picking the correct arrow spine for Longbows & recurves

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