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New Commercial Web Sites & Recent Updates
Target Communications Bowhunting, Archery, Cooking, & Muzzleloading Books. From the number one bowhunting & archery book publisher Target Communications.

Dave Staples heads one of the leading public relations and marketing companies in the archery and hunting world. They open up their new web site today. Images Group.

Don't Let Them See The Whites Of Your Eyes! CAMOVISION Eye Wear uses state-of-the-art technology to bond camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with your ability to see or obstructing your field of vision.CamoVision Eye Wear.

Chekit Updates Their Web Site. Chekit Products manufacturers precision bowhunting and competition 3-D and target archery bow sights. Chekit.

Hearing Enhancement For Hunters, plus Hearing Protection From Ear Damaging Noises. Pro Ears has the most sophisticated electronic hearing enhancement & protection  systems ever designed for bowhunters, firearms hunters, and sport shooters. Pro Ears.

3-D Times
The Magazine For High Performance Archers 
Now Online with their new Hunting Issue. 3D Times. 
Computer Software For Your Deer Hunting Record Keeping. 
My Outdoor Companion is a simple, easy-to-use- program that helps you track the many factors of your hunts for deer and turkey (plus fishing and more) and then on command provide you with reports that pinpoint optimum times and conditions to go hunting. My Outdoor Companion.

Wildlife Research Center
From The Makers of Scent Killer, Special Golden Estrus, Active-Scrape &  products that wipe out human scent and call in deer, elk, mule deer, and bears. Wildlife Research Center.

ATC Archery
Archery Scopes & Lenses of Professional Quality. Versatility, quality and accuracy at an affordable price. ATC Archery.

The Legacy Continues. . . Ben Pearson Archery has a new home in Brewton, AL as well as on the Internet. Ben Pearson Archery.

30 Years Of Chasin' Mule Deer is Jim Van Norman's informative book. Jim is the photographer & outfitter who took the picture of the impressive buck on the Bowhunt The West Network. Jim Van Norman.

Accurate shooting takes strength in the right places. The Archerciser is a new, easy to use exerciser that builds the muscles you use when you shoot. Archerciser.

INNERLOC Broadheads revamps their web site. A new look and updated information.

Giving You The Vital Edge For Over 20 Years. SAVORA.

New Happenings: Ridge Creek Supply signs up, Rob McNeff joins the bowhunting team. News and updates. Sticks N' Limbs

All the latest at the web site of one of the leading archery innovators. BRACKLYNN.
NEWJanuary 16

A New Event in the Young Bowhunters Club as Brian Pullam asks for help with the new YBC Field Evaluation Team.

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Mike Kern has a way with words, and that's one of several good pieces of advice in his latest column, "End-Of-Season Scouting". Mike's suggestion just might improve your chances for success in the coming year for your deer hunting life and your pocket book. Hitting Your Financial Targets.

Thomas French reports on his 1998 deer season and a good bit more in Thomas French, Novice Bowhunter.

NEW IN THE BOWHUNTERS E-NEWS Stu Keck's impresive Wildlife Gallery, SusieQ's new pics plus some things for the ladies, Joe's brand new home page, and Andre updates Bowhunting South Africa. Bowhunters E-News
In January The Archery & Bowhunting Companies Show Their New Products. Rich Walton has the scoop on some of them in Rich Walton's Industry News.

Target Communications1998 DEER & TURKEY SHOW DATES Information, dates, times & ticket prices for all 1998 shows are now posted. Deer & Turkey Shows.

Bear Hunting In Ontario. Fred Lutger announces the dates for his annual Spring & Fall Ontario Black Bear Hunts.

Bowhunting & Archery Business Web Sites, Archery & Bowhunting Business E-News, Bowhunting.Store, Advertisements and New Product Releases in the all new Bowhunting & Archery Business Center

Bowhunters E-News, your new online newsletter for Residents in the Communication Center.

Why do Elk Group Up? What are herding & courting about? How often do bulls fight? This and lots more in Elk #3  in Stu Keck's North American Game Species.

How Far Can A Deer Run (at 35 MPH) in a Minute? What's Today's Moon Phase? Brian Pullam introduces two new forums: a Speed Converter, where you can convert your bow's FPS speed to MPH or see how many yards a deer can run in a minute. And a graphical Moon Phase Reporter.

Fiber Optic Bowsights and other FINE-LINE unique archery products. Now availabe in Bowhunting.Store.

Residents Area the home of almost 300 bowhunter's personal home pages. The latest news is in the Bowhunters E-News, links to many interactive events, Directories of the EZ and HTML personal home pages and web sites, information for you to ad Your Own Home Page, for free. In the Bowhunting.Net Communication Center.

Bowhunting.StoreGrand Opening! Archery Online shopping for bowhunting gear. Come on in and browse around. New products will be added every month. Bowhunting.Store.

Smithfield Archery - High Tech & Traditional. Sam McClasky's archery pro shop is a known for handling the latest in compounds and modern accessories. And Sam is up on traditional archery too. Smithfield Archery.

The Physically Challenged Bowhunters Of America (PCBA) do a wonderful job. They have a lot going on in '98 and the latest schedule is on their web site. PCBA.

I never knew archery great John Musacchia, but after reading his hunting articles I know he was a man I would have liked. He was a good outdoorsman, he loved hunting with his bow,  he had the toughness to take anything the outdoors sent at him, and he had a good heart, all of which make his memory live on. I'm proud to introduce the column of his hunting stories and past articles. It begins with an action packed bowhunt in Newfoundland for Moose and Caribou. The inventor and founder of MUZZY is remembered in his excting articles, reprinted on Here is the link to Musacchia's Introduction and first article, Mr. Guts.

The Wind Has Ruined More Deerhunts Than Anything Else. Jim Crumley tells you how to use the wind to your benefit when you bowhunt from treestands or hunt on the ground in Chapter 12 of Jim Crumley's Secrets Of Bowhunting Deer.

Coffee Shop More hunting success posts in the Coffee Shop. Share Your Hunting Success with the rest of our hunting community in the Coffee Shop on Deerhuntng.Net.

Ever Wonder About The New GPS (Global Positioning System) Hand Held Units? Mark Armstrong introduces his new web site dedicated to this exciting new technology. Check it out in the Residents section: GPS.

Roger Raglin Says Being A Successful Bowhunter Takes A Successful Attitude. He begins his NEW column Huntin' Maniac by telling how he prepares himself for the hunt. Rich Walton does the introduction.

ENCOURAGING YOUR CHILDREN Is Eva Troncoso's Latest Topic. Eva discusses shareing their successes and failures and standing behind them on their way to archery skills and confidence. Eva Troncoso.

Bob Ragsdale's Tech & Tackle Talk Bob Ragsdale's Extensive Library Of Answers To Questions on the Compound Bow and Shooting it accurately! Scores of questions about the compound bow and shooting it are already answered by Bob Ragsdale, one of the most knowledgeable archery tech men on the planet, in his extensive, fully searchable, data base of archery tech information. Bob Ragsdale.

What Are The Deer Doing In Your State? Find out from our Field reporters in Deerhunting.Net.

Thomas French reports on his deer season so far. Good news and bad news. Thomas French, Novice Bowhunter.

ELK - Inside And Out! Stu Keck shows you Color Charts  that detail the outward appearance and inner systems of Elk. Plus complete information on the Elk's skeletal, musculature, nervous, circulatory & digestive systems in North American Game Species.

Changing Winds Can Mess Up Your Bowhunting And Your Finances. Mike Kern draws a parrallel between bowhunting and planning your finances. The best laid plans can go wrong when something unexpected happens. What then? The answer is in Contrary Winds in. Hitting Your Financial Targets.

You've got your trophy buck and want to get it mounted! Larry Reese explains the kinds of mounts and how you decide which one is right for your home. Taxidermy.

Practicing To Improve Your Shooting Are you  improving your week points or just practicing your mistakes over and over? Freddie Troncoso has some guidelines to improve the quality of your archery practice sessions. Better Bowhunting with Freddie Troncoso.

Ken Rogers of the  International Field Archery Assn introduces the new 15th Anniversary Issue. US Archer is a truly unique publication in the world of archery, covering 3-D, Olympic, Field, Flight, Pro, NFAA, NAA, IFAA in the US and on the Interrnational archery scene. US Archer, Oct '97.

Bowhunt The West NetworkGot Questions about bowhunting in the West? Ask our experts. And check out Thom Cantrel's low down on the west's Roosevelt Elk and John Maynard's 15 last minute tips to get an elk & mule deer in the Newsletter. Plus, Free Western Bowhunting Wallpaper for your PC. Bowhunt The West Network.

Ads for bowhunting & archery gear. Advertisements.

Bear Hunting NetworkStu Keck adds Bear Anatomy and Physiology to the Bear Hunting Network and North American Game Species.

GOT A GOOD IDEA FOR A NEW PAGE on Bowhunting.Net? One that you can "html" up yourself? Something that's informational in nature, or fun, or entirely new! Talk to me, tell me what it is, we have server space if you have a good idea and can create your own web pages.

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