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September 11, 2005
Here We Go Again! Lisa Metheny click here; On this day we remember 9/11 and now we have the tragedy in the Gulf Coast. I urge all of you to pray not only for the people in the Gulf Coast but to remember America as a whole. Our soldiers overseas, in the gulf coast, wherever they may be. America's every day people even though we have not met them need prayer too. I truly believe there is no greater gift than the gift of prayer. If someone takes the time to lift my name to our Heavenly Father I feel so blessed and honored. As we all saw watching the aftermath of Katrina material things can be gone in an instance. Look for you blessings even though you think they are small when you find them keep looking I bet you can find more all the time. I know I am truly blessed. Are we thankful enough for our blessings or do we take them for granted? I know in our busy lives we sometime forget to be thankful. I try to make a point to Thanking God for all my wonderful blessings he has given me every day. If you would like to share some of your blessings I will be glad to post them or just talk to you about them. I will let that be your choice. God Bless!
September 9, 2005
Passing On the Tradition Claudia A. Eisenmann click here

September 7, 2005
Later Gator Tammy Koenig click here; Carol Drury is our winner of the Kisky Production DVD for August. To sign up for September click here;
September 5, 2005
Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, Good Dog!!! FTF Black as Night/Co Writer: Lynne Frady click here; New Product in Store Deadlite Big Game Lift; For update on WomenHunters Staff and Members in Gulf area click here If you know about any we have not heard from please let us know.
September 3, 2005
Caledonia-Minnesota's Wild Turkey Capital Heather Reddemann click here

September 1, 2005
First, I want to ask all of you to remember Wayne Gentron, Tracy's Dad in prayer. He has been part of the Hunting Industry for a long time. He went in to have a mass removed from his neck and found out it was cancer. click here; Second, I would like for you to remember all of the Katrina victims in prayer and give as you can to help for the relief effort. I can not imagine what they are going through. I watch the tv in shock... We do have club members in both LA and MS. I am not sure how close they to all of what is happening. Our writer for WomenBowhunters "Johnny Kennedy" lives in LA and I hope to hear from him soon and our club members also if possible. Hurricane Assistance, Assistance Opportunities Julie Smithson click here

August 29, 2005
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance On Target Aug 5 - 26 2005 click here

August 27, 2005
Not an Ugly Bear in Sight at Ugly Bear Lodge Alyssa Haukom click here; Special Reminder WH Club Members 2006 Hunt at Ugly Bear Lodge click here
August 25, 2005
A Hunter's Poem Ann Horsman click here; And Grabber Warmers Review Wanda Garner click here

August 23, 2005
The Spirit Feather Jacquelyn Holmes Burns click here

August 21, 2005
Tales of the Huntress Part 2 "First-time Jitters" Heidi Strosahl click here

August 19, 2005
Tales of the Huntress Part 1 "Encounters of the Bear Kind" Heidi Strosahl click here; Also we are going to have a sale on different Harmon Scents for the next few weeks. Our first sale is all cover scents sale price $5.99 /Reg. price $6.99 It is only lasting one week so get your cover scents while you can on the special price. click here

August 17, 2005
Knight & Hale – Turkey Calls Beth Pugh click here; Also Movin’ On Up Debbie Haberkorn click here

August 15, 2005
Dog Tales Andrea Johnson click here

August 13, 2005
I would like to announce an addition to our Field Staff. Ann Horsman does a great job helping out WH. Thanks Ann for all you do! click here

August 11, 2005
Documented Memories: A Saturday Morning Turkey Hunt Kimberly Kanapeckas click here

August 9, 2005
My First Experience Katelyn Leer click here; Diane Fiedler is our winner of the Kisky Production DVD for July. To sign up for August click here;
August 7, 2005
ODE TO A HUNTER Gail Wynne click here

August 5, 2005
"The Perfect Plan" Linda K Burch click here

August 3, 2005
GOING HOG WILD Kathleen E. Griese click here

August 1, 2005
Lindsay Sporting Camps has a winner Adam Libbert. click here; Sheep Creek Guest Ranch also has a winner Pam Goodson click here

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