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Stu Keck's Wild Turkey Hunting School

Downloadable SOUND FILES of Wild Turkey Calling by Stu Keck. Hear and download Stu's wild turkey Sound Files of the important of turkey calls. Plus:

  1. Wild Turkey Vocalizations
  2. What they Mean. 
  3. when to use the calls.
Using Decoys Stu discusses decoy techniques and tricks that work on gobblers.
Strut Zones by Stu Keck. Stu fills you in on what they are, how to find them, and shows you what gobbler Strut Zones look like. 
Wild Turkey Info & Data: Stu Keck has three detailed and informative articles on the wild turkeys' Species and Locations, Behavior & Habits, and Hunting Techniques.
  1. Species / Subspecies Typical to North America & Ranges 
  2. Species Behavior & Habits 
  3. Hunting Tips & Techniques 
Hunting Wild Turkey

Bowhunter1's Downloadable Wild Turkey Calls
 Wild Turkey Hunting For Beginners
by Dinger 
Tips For Bowhunting Wild Turkey
by John Maynard
Our New Big Game, the Wild Turkey
by Fred Lutger
Hunting Wild Turkeys In The West
by John Maynard
Cooking Turkey With SusieQ
by SusieQ
Taxidermy Tips For Your Wild Turkey
by Larry Reese
The New Turkey Calls
by John Maynard
Staring Gobblers
by Rick Philippi. Taking Tom turkeys with a bow isn't easy. Rick has tagged a bunch of them. Here's the story of two.
It's Turkey Time
by Michele Crummer

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