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The 4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
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Digital Logs of the Upcoming 2004 Online 4x4 Grand Slammer Bowhunt
with Doug Crabtree, Fred Lutger, Tony Dukes and Robert Hoague
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4x4 Grand Slammer
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The Bow and Arrow Shot

Bowhunting for turkeys is a different game altogether than shotgun hunting, just ask Scott Vance, NWTF wildlife biologist. 

Vance has been bowhunting for deer nearly all his life, however, his resume also includes more than 10 years experience bowhunting for turkeys.

“For bowhunters who want the ultimate challenge, turkey hunting will test your nerves, accuracy and patience,” said Vance. “Making the right shot on a turkey with a bow is much different than shooting one with a shotgun.”

  • Keep in mind that a turkey’s body is loaded with 4,000 to 5,000 feathers in multiple layers, not to mention muscle, cartilage and bone that provides thick shields of protection 
  • A turkey’s heart and lungs, combined, are not much larger than the size of an orange. Hunters who use a shotgun should aim at a turkey’s head and neck for a clean kill, but for the bowhunter, the kill zone is much different, posing a repertoire of three main shots:
  • A straight-on shot through the chest of a turkey can be a high percentage shot. However, aiming for this spot does risk the chance of severing the beard from the turkey’s chest. 
  • If the turkey is broadside, aim for the base of the turkey’s wing. This shot will pin the turkey’s wing to its body, making it nearly impossible to fly away. A shot in this area will also penetrate the vitals area for a quick and clean kill. 
  • A turkey in full strut and facing directly away from a bowhunter still offers a presentable shot. An arrow placed up the backside of a turkey will either severe the spine or pass through the mid-section of the turkey’s body. With this shot, the broadhead is sure to slice through main organs, quickly making the bird immobile.
  • Take the best and safest shot. Hunters should always be mindful that another hunter could be in the same area.
Sponsors For The 2004 4x4 Grand Slammer
Our 4x4 Grand Slammer with the bow created excitement with several manufacturers and they stepped up to the plate to sponsor the event.

- BowTech - bows
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- Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Rio Grandes
- Florida Wildlife Unlimited  - Florida Osceolas
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