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The 4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
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Digital Logs of the Upcoming 2004 Online 4x4 Grand Slammer Bowhunt
with Doug Crabtree, Fred Lutger, Tony Dukes and Robert Hoague
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OUTFITTERS: Double K Guide Service | Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch | Wells Creek Outfitters | Florida Wildlife Unlimited
4x4 Grand Slammer
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Tips For Recovering A Turkey

Don’t assume that you’ve missed a turkey. Be sure to watch the Tom for as long as possible—especially if the bird takes to the air—even if you think you’ve missed the bird. Turkeys may leave a weak blood trail—if any at all—so feathers and tracks are good sign.

  • Don’t sprint after a turkey that’s been hit. Turkeys can run up to speeds of 30 miles per hour, much faster than any human. 
  • Be patient. Turkeys normally won’t run far if they’re hit, sometimes only 30 to 40 yards. 
  • Give the bird time to settle down and then begin your search. Look around fallen trees, thick cover or creek banks where a bird may have gone to hide.
  • Crippled turkeys will generally fly less than 100 yards and they will make noise on an attempted landing. Wait for about an hour then begin your search. If you spot the bird and are presented a safe shot, shoot for the head and neck.
Sponsors For The 2004 4x4 Grand Slammer
Our 4x4 Grand Slammer with the bow created excitement with several manufacturers and they stepped up to the plate to sponsor the event.

- BowTech - bows
- Knight & Hale - turkey calls
- Barrie Archery - Rocky
  Mountain broadheads
- Timberline Archery - bowsights
- Double Bull - blinds
- Carter Enterprises releases
- Pro-Ears hearing
  enhancement & protection
- Fine-Line Archery peep
  sights & bowquivers
- EASTON Archery - arrows
- Freddie Bear Sports
  Assorted bowhunting gear
- KBA Knives custom knives
- Sticks N' Limbs camoflage

- Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Rio Grandes
- Florida Wildlife Unlimited  - Florida Osceolas
- Double K Guide Service Merriam's
- Fred Lutger's Wilderness Hunts Illinois
- Wells Creek Outfitters Easterns


Sponsors of the
4x4 Grand Slamer

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