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Spring Bear Season is happening right now in several Canadian provences and a few states in the US. Imagine, you've sat in the dense, green, Spring woods for 2 hours. You haven't heard or seen anything. And, bingo, there is a bear 20 yards away! 

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Just in case what it's all about is drifting out of your mind these days. Here is an early morning pic I took during last year's deer season that ought to pick your pulse rate up a little.
What Do Rabbits Eat? What Eats Them?
One of the enjoyable things about bowhunting is watching different animals come and go in the immediate area and witnessing their daily lives unfold. Rabbits are particularly cool. 

 When Do Bucks Start Growing Their Antlers?

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Saturday I was driving back from eating at the local restaurant and I noticed a deer browsing in a power pole right of way. It was a hundreds distant. I parked and walked back to the opening and glassed the deer. It was a buck with it's starter antlers so I slipped within 40 yards of it and got this picture. The date was Sunday, April 22, 2001.
3 Different Fawn Wallpaper

3 different Fawn wallpaper
Three different wallpaper from "the Fawn Adventure" in July 2000. I lucked into twin fawns and they showed off for my camera.
Wild Hog Hunting

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Father & Son Wild Hog Hunt
I caught this picture of Rick Philippi taking a pic of his son Ricky on our wild hog bowhunt at Texas-S Bowhunting Ranch. Ricky was posing with his wild boar. 

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Bowhunting Wallpaper
Here are Bowhunting Wallpapers for your boot up screen. The are full screen JPG's, but are small files so they won't take up much of your computers memory, or be too long to download. The scenes are all real and were taken on actual hunts:

Windows 95, 98, NT, ME & 2000: Click on the scenes and select the ones (s) you want. Click on the picture with your RIGHT mouse button (or the opposite button that you normally use). Select SET AS WALLPAPER. Zap, it's done. With Windows 95 you can also save it in Control Panel and give it a name.

Windows 3.1+: To download the free bowhunting.net wallpaper using Windows 3.1 and a Netscape or compatible browser

  1. Go to the Wallpaper Scene you want to download (from the list above).
  2. Position the mouse cursor in the image
  3. Click and HOLD DOWN the RIGHT mouse button
  4. A small menu will appear. Still holding the right button down, drag the mouse cursor to "Set As Wallpaper".
  5. When the cursor Highlights "Set As Wallpaper" release the right mouse button.
  6. The image is now saved in your C:\WINDOWS directory and will appear on your monitor. If you are using Netscape, the Wallpaper file will be called "Netscape.bmp". Other browsers may give it other names.
To keep it permanently, go to File Manager and Rename it so that you will not over-write it the next time you download an image for wallpaper. Name it anything you want, as long as it uses the ".bmp" extension, and you leave it in C:\WINDOWS. It can then be selected as wallpaper at any time from the Windows "Desktop" screen of the Control Panel program available in your "Main" Program Group.

If you want, you can also go back now and download the rest of the images on the list. Just remember to complete all 6 steps for each, so you don't lose any of the images you fetch.

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