Also for the small game lovers I am adding Squirrel recipes. 
Please send me your squirrel recipes.

Squirrel Gravy over Biscuits
Boil 2 squirrels until meat can be picked from the bones Separate meat from bones and place meat pieces into skillet of hot grease after browning the meat, sift flower into mixture and brown adding the squirrel broth to make gravy. Pour this mixture over hot biscuits that have been halved. This is also good over rice.

This recipe was by John aka Gray Beard
Squirrel Stew
1 squirrel, quartered
1 cup diced onion
2 large tomatoes (from your garden) or 1 can of tomatoes
Assorted fresh ,or canned veggies
Sprinkle seasoned salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper (optional) liberally on the meat. Pour some cooking oil into a large pot (dutch oven). Sauté the meat with the onions until well browned. Drain the excess oil, add about 2 cups water, and bring to a boil. Cut up the tomatoes and add. If you use canned tomatoes add them now. Turn down the heat, and let slow cook for at least an hour. Important: older squirrels may require cooking longer than an hour. Check periodically for tenderness. If you don't you will have a hard time chewing the meat.  After the meat is tender, add the veggies, carrots, potatoes, banana pepper, what ever you like. Cook until the veggies are done. An option you can use is, cook up your favorite pasta and serve over the pasta. (eliminate the potatoes). That's it, nice and simple ~ Good eating: John

This recipe was by Nova
Squirrel Pie
Clean, skin and cut two squirrels into small pieces. Soak in salted water, or water with a little vinegar added, changing water several times. Drain, dry and roll in seasoned flour. Sauté in pork or bacon fat until slightly browned, then place in greased pie dish or bowl, add two cups liquid (made up of wine, cider, beer, crushed fruit , or a little vinegar, and water or stock), salt and pepper, one thinly sliced onion, herbs of your choice. Cover and cook on top stove for 1 ½, or in moderate oven for two hours. Remove and thicken the stock with a little flour. Take out part of the gravy and add tomatoes, sauce or catsup, to serve with the pie. Meanwhile, cover meat dish with pastry or biscuit dough, slit for steam to escape, and bake for 20 minutes in hot oven.

This recipe was by Keeley Perry
BBQ Squirrel
1st. Take as many squirrels as you would like add salt and pepper.  2nd. Put squirrels on grill, bbq whatever let cook for a while, then add some liquid smoke or soy sauce on top and around squirrels.  3rd. When the squirrels are almost done cooking smear BBQ sauce all over the squirrels and let cook until done...( you can use any BBQ sauce you would like or you can try my very own recipe) located at below 

1 cup brown sugar 
 2 1/2 cup ketchup 
3/4 cup   mustard 
3/4 cup liquid smoke or worcestershire sauce
( you can add as much or as little sugar as you want)

This recipe was sent in by Kathy Bowen
Honey and Cider Squirrel
2    young squirrel, dressed & halved
1/2 cup honey 
2    cups apple cider 
2 bay leaves, crushed
1 TBL cornstarch
2 TBL water

Pat squirrel halves dry. Place on rack in broiler pan. Coat with half the honey. Broil 6 inches from heat source for 8 minutes. Turn. Coat with remianing honey. Broil for 8 minutes longer. Place in roasting pan. Pour cider over squirrel. Add bay leaves. Roast @ 350 degrees for 1 hour or until tender. Remove to serving platter; keep warm. Strain pan drippings into saucepan. Dissolve cornstarch in water; stir into pan drippings. Cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring constantly. Serve with squirrel. May serve with crisp shoestring potatoes and green salad. Yeild: 4 Servings.

Beverly Sturtevant, Jere Whitson - "Around The Table"

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