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It's Better Than Snow Camo

I created the original Snow Camo way back in 1978. It is still a basic in today's camouflage world. But as time passed I learned more about camouflage and I studied the scientific facts of  how game animals actually see. Then I realized I could improve it significantly.

I kept the original colors because they were totally right. However, the Snow Camo design was too large and blocky.

So I merged the colors of Snow Camo into the Sticks N' Limbs design. I was amazed at the difference. Then I added streaks of a dirty snow color to the pattern. Bingo, that was it.

Setting Up A Deer Decoy in SNOW-Sticks N' Limbs camouflage -- Bowhunt in Illinois 1994.
Putting Scent Down Near A Deer Decoy At 
Wells Creek Whitetails in Clayton, lllinois.
Then I sent some suits out to be field tested. Their feedback was really impressive. They said: 

"My hunting partner climbed right up to my treestand and started to get in it before he finally saw me."

"I was standing in the open watching some geese fly overhead. I was motionless for several minutes and when I moved, a doe--that I had not seen approaching and was only five yards behind me--jumped out of its skin." 

"I was sitting on the ground and a buck bedded down so close I could have touched it." 

"I was sitting against a tree, dozeing off, and woke up suddenly when a rabbit tried to crawl under my leg. It was going to hide in me." 

And they had several versions of: "the squirrel ran across me," "the hawk (or other kind of bird) landed on me,"

Their imput told me I had exactly what I wanted--a completely 3-Dimensional camouflage for wearing in the snow. In the winter snow country Snow Sticks N' Limbs makes your human outline vanish.

You become your own 
hunting blind!
SNOW-Sticks N' Limbs
Snow Sticks N' Limbs makes you a pile of limbs in the snowy winter woods. Nothing notices you, not wild animals, not game birds, not other hunters. It is absolutely the best snow camouflage there is.

Fred Lutger with an Illinois Wild Turkey taken in 1992
Field Testing Team Member Fred Lutger found that Gobblers didn't notice him in Snow Sticks N' Limbs when he sat down by a tree and called in this Tom. Fred bagged this Wild Turkey from the ground--without a blind.