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Average Joe’s Huntin’ Show is a hunting show about average, blue-collar American guys and girls who hunt on a budget—with time and other constraints like most people. We believe that many hunters want a realistic, down-to-earth approach to a hunting show where they can say “hey, I could go out and do that, these guys aren’t professional hunters they are ordinary every-day guys like me.” For average Americans like us getting tags and a license out of state, time off from work, booking a hunt, or hunting public grounds and staying at a hotel, transportation to and from are for the most part are things that have to be budgeted and saved for. We want to illustrate that with careful thought and planning people can hunt and enjoy it to the fullest. We aren’t afraid to show our mistakes along with our successes. web site: Average Joe’s

Jimmy Durako, an Indiana resident is the producer and host of the national television show Anything Wild. Anything Wild currently airs on the Pursuit Channel twice a week. AW is a in your face cutting edge outdoor show that has a style like no other show. AW features about 90% bowhunting and is a 100% wild and fair chase. Jimmy is currently bringing AW to life with the help of Victory Archery, Buck Bomb, Bowtech, Tru Fire, Slingshots USA and several other companies. web site: Anything Wild




Fired Up Outdoors is the combined efforts of two full time firefighters from Oklahoma. It is our goal at Fired Up Outdoors to build a passion and excitement for hunting, fishing and the outdoors lifestyles that we have grown to love. Through the use of high definition video, photos and staff blogs, Fired Up Outdoors is devoted to bringing you the most informative, entertaining and exciting outdoor adventures. At you will find the total outdoors experience. You will know exactly what went into the adventure to make it successful and learn from our mistakes as we share our near misses. Members are encouraged to participate in the message boards and share information with our staff and other members, post photos showcasing your successful outings and win prizes in our monthly contests and giveaways.  Web Site:

Outback Outdoors was formed when a group of hardcore western hunters decided that the same old big game hunting videos and TV were no longer good for the hunting industry. Bringing decades of varied hunting experience as well as a fresh perspective to the table, the Outback Outdoors team spends hundreds of days each season behind, and in front of, the camera capturing their adventures. Visit: