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Since 1933 Sno-Seal® has delivered performance and value in Leather Care. Today that performance and value extends to waterproofing, cleaning and scent/sight control for outdoor clothing, footwear and gear. From trusted favorites like Sno-Seal®, Silicone Water-Guard® and Sport-Wash® to our industry’s most advanced technology in U-V-Killer® Camo Hunting Vest, Atsko/Sno-Seal continues to lead in performance and value.




Champions have been crowned & trophy harvests have been taken with our superior carbon arrows.

Black Eagle Arrows is a family owned and operated business that was created with this goal in mind: To offer the highest quality products at the best price.

Our superior carbon arrows are the choice of world-class competition archers and seasoned professional hunters. We use their expertise to shape and refine the finest precision arrows on the market. These professionals have shot every shaft on the market and don’t settle for second best. Neither should you.

To offer the best prices on our products, without sacrificing their superior quality, we got creative; we employed the latest technology in our inventory control system and shipping methods to operate as efficiently as possible. These and many other methods let us pass the savings along to you.

The quality of our product is only matched by our customer service. We guarantee your satisfaction and encourage all of our customers to interact with us and become part of the growing Black Eagle Arrows family.

 At Black Eagle Arrows, we are evolving through constant innovation. Our loyal customer relationships allow us gather real-world feedback. We will continue to be a solid foundation in the industry and give you the edge to down that Booner buck or take home the championship.

Randy Kitts
President, Black Eagle Arrows, LLC.

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Goat Tuff glues are the purest, strongest, fastest setting and easiest to work with glues on the market today. Specially formulated for arrow making projects, these glues are superior to other glues for a wide variety of other uses around the house, yard and shop. New GT Opti-Vanes utilize Fusion® Technology, a patented process that combines two different materials into a single vane that optimizes adhesion, durability and arrow flight. The softer base possesses optimum adhesive properties for easier gluing and greater holding strength while the stiffer blade material provides optimum reliability and durability. Goat Tuff Products – Helping You Shoot Your Best Since 1996.

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Robinson Outdoor Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of scent control products for hunters with ScentBlocker® brand. ScentBlocker designs and manufactures scent control apparel and accessories as well as scent eliminating sprays, body care liquids, detergents, and body care supplements.  Never satisfied with the status quo, Robinson then turned their eye onto tree stand safety and started Tree Spider™ tree stand safety and re-defined the entire category. Robinson Outdoor Products also acquired Whitewater® Strategic Hunting Apparel which is a 50 year old manufacturer of fowl and field hunting apparel, gloves and accessories.

2013 Robinson Outdoor Products continues the 35 year trend of innovation as ScentBlocker introduces Trinity™ scent control Technology which replaces activated carbon in all their scent control apparel. Trinity is a synthetic polymer specifically designed to adsorb human odors. Independent laboratory test show it is up to 40% more effective than carbon, and up to 200% more effective than Zeolite. Right behind this announcement, ScentBlocker introduces SpiderWeb. The result of fusing ScentBlocker hunting apparel with Tree Spider safety. For the first time ever, hunters can slip into a pair of SpiderWebs and answer the necessity of safety. Freedom from straps, buckles, noise, weight and hassle.









3 time world and 5 time national champion Brad Patsy founded 60X Custom Strings with a goal to provide the best possible products at the best possible price for both target archers & bowhunters. With over a dozen world titles and over 50 national championships since 2001, 60X Custom Strings are known for unmatched quality and performance. 60X Custom Strings has become the industry leader providing top quality and reliable precision made strings to OEM bow companies, distributors, dealers/retailers and retail customers worldwide. With our state of the art production facility and proprietary equipment and processes we are able to build the best strings available today while keeping prices affordable for everyone from the weekend bowhunter to the tournament archer that competes worldwide.

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Whether it be by bow, muzzleloader, rifle, or shotgun, you will never hear of any excuses out of this team, the Above the Game crew gets the job done! So sit down, buckle up, and be prepared for an adventure you can’t miss. As always, we promise to deliver the most intense, high quality, passion driven footage, the industry has to offer!

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ACCESS® a division of Agri-Cover, Inc®

Agri-Cover manufactures truck and ATV accessories at their 216,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. This company has been manufacturing market-leading truck bed tonneau covers, agricultural tarps, SnowSport® Utility Plows and ATV accessories for over 28 years. Their products are sold throughout North America. ACI employs 115 people from Jamestown and the surrounding communities and was recognized with the North Dakota Business and Industrial Development Award as well as the Jamestown Business of the Year Award.

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Alpen Optics is the ONLY optics company in the history of optics to have won Outdoor Life Magazine’s “Great Buys” annual gear test SIX times! Alpen also won Field and Stream’s “Best of the Test” and you won’t find Alpen in the two largest sporting goods stores in the world.  Quality and affordability is what the optics writers and gurus are looking for and Alpen delivers on both.  Tim and Vickie Gardner started Alpen 15 years ago and have hung on for the outdoor industry’s wild ride. A family owned company, Alpen Optics has been quietly changing the buying habits of the outdoor enthusiast one binocular, one spotting scope and one riflescope at a time.  When you order Alpen products you can expect excellence- excellent products, excellent customer service and excellent prices. We welcome you to join our Facebook team. Alpen Products are available on the


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There is no other part of archery that instills more fun and camaraderie than bowfishing. And there is no other company dedicated to the sport of bowfishing like AMS Bowfishing. With nearly 100 years of combined bowfishing experience among the three founders, Jack LaSee, Cindy Braun and Jeff Braun, bowfishing is the sole focus of the company. AMS Bowfishing manufactures products built for the rigorous demands of bowfishing, providing equipment from bowfishing arrows to bowfishing bows to reels built specifically for the sport. Big game equipment for alligators, shark, stingray and other large aquatic species is also part of the product line. When quality, reliability and experience count, you know AMS Bowfishing can deliver. website:



By the time ASAT Camo began back in 1986, Jim Barnhart and hunting buddy Stan Starr Jr. had already come to some definite conclusions about how hunting camouflage should look. ASAT (All Season All Terrain) camo was developed after almost twenty years of exhaustive research in all parts of North America, in all four seasons of the year. What Stan and Jim ultimately did was develop a camo pattern that would be good at all times, in any environment, to fool any game animal or bird.

Today, over 20 years later the same pattern continues to turn hunter’s heads, with it’s light khaki tan background and contrasting, curved striped shapes. Hunters wearing ASAT realize they have effective camo for virtually all conditions – from bright direct sunlight – to the low light of early morning/late evening – to cloudy overcast days and most every hunting condition in between.

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It was apparent that the evolution of the modern compound bow required a different way to handle the new high-tech parallel limb and beyond bows. George Gouramanis, the President of Archery Tooling Corporation with 40 year’s experience in design, engineering and producing precision tools and fixtures for manufacturing and over 30 years as an avid bowhunter felt compelled to design a bow press to address these needs. His practical and engineering expertise led him to design the Spikepress bow press. His goal was to provide a safe and effective means for archers and bow technicians to maintain and tune all types of bows. George works closely with pro-shops, bow technicians and archers to gain knowledge pertaining to what is needed to make their jobs easier and more proficient. Archery Tooling Corporation also offers other archery products designed for today’s archer.
Archery Tooling Corporation is based on Long Island, NY and is proud to say that all its products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Australian Archery Hall of Fame

Established in 2008 and modeled and mentored by the American Archery Hall of Fame ‘To honour those outstanding members of the Australian Archery community through the process of recognition and induction into its Hall of Fame.” The AAHOF&M embraces all disciplines of archery, acknowledging, honouring, preserving the past and present for the future. The Australian Archery Hall of Fame & Museum Inc. is bringing the sport of archery together nationally.




Babes, Bullets & Broadheads

“Babes, Bullets & Broadheads (BBB)”® is an organization founded in 2010 by three women who are passionate about the outdoors. We are daughters, full time mothers, and wives that are dedicated to the preservation of our hunting heritage. Our mission is to encourage women and children to experience the outdoors.

BBB promotes leadership, friendship, exploration, and enjoyment in the great outdoors. With the help of volunteers, outfitters, sponsors, and countless donations from local organizations, BBB sponsors several youth and ladies only hunts throughout the year. These hunts encourage a supportive environment conducive to learning, making friends, and most importantly, having fun while being in the outdoors.

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Founded in 1994 and celebrating 20 years of continued innovation, Badlands is an industry leader in hunting packs and apparel. Started in a storage shed with only a vision of creating the absolute best packs in the world, Badlands began by creating the most efficient carrying systems available. The focus was to create the most comfortable way to haul the largest loads demanded by hunters and outdoorsmen. By creating new processes and using only the highest quality materials, Badlands made a name by continually progressing and expanding the lineup. With over 30 individual packs available today for any circumstance and the addition of hunting apparel and accessories, Badlands continues to innovate and bring the products that hunters demand. The year 2014 and 2015 will usher in the addition of the Badlands Ascent Series Sleep Systems as well as a new Badlands Tactical line of packs.

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The leader in modern crossbow design for over 50 years Barnett has sold over 1 million crossbows world-wide. The culmination of one man’s dream the engineers at Barnett have pioneered one innovative development after another to continually stay ahead of the competition. Each move designed to make each model better than the last. Barnett has brought crossbow technology to the height it stands at today through superior design and technology that result in faster, stronger and more powerful models. Built for maximum speed, dependability and efficiency every Barnett Crossbow is truly ‘Built for the Hunt’ Barnett Outdoors is also one of the leading international producers of youth archery and slingshot products.


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A Grizzly’s heart beats 80 times a minute until he charges, then it’s amped up to double that. Your heart will be pumping like a grizzly at full charge when you bring the new Bear bows to full draw. You’ll be instantly in command of smooth efficient killing power. The flagship bow in 2011 is the Carnage. It’s the hottest bow in its class with a deadly blend of sizzle and accuracy. The new Attack bow also carries on the Bear legacy of managed power. You’ve never been next to smoother killers. Try a Bear this year and feel the power.

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Since 1998, Bowfit LLC has been the leading manufacturer of archery training, strengthening and exercise products. The Bowfit Archery Exerciser was designed by archer and sports physical therapist to help bowhunters stay in shooting shape, increase draw weight and prevent injury. Is available in 4 draw weight models. Archery Fit DVD: Strengthening Tips From the Pros features exercises/training tips by several well-known bowhunters, coaches and sports medicine experts and information for bowhunters, traditional archers, women and beginners. The Sportsman’s Back Brace is for optimum comfort and back support in the field, ATV riding, fishing or yard work. Get Stronger, Hold Longer and prevent archery Injuries with BOWFIT!





Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

Innovative technologies and leading-edge solutions

The Carl Zeiss Group develops and produces planetariums, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses and binoculars as well as solutions for biomedical research, medical technology and the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Carl Zeiss is present in over 40 countries around the globe with about 40 production sites, over 50 sales and service locations and approximately 20 research and development centers. Carl Zeiss AG is fully owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation). Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany.

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Owner Kent Southard cut his teeth early in life working in his family business Loc-On Treestands. From there he took an accessory product called the Rope Ratchet and created Carolina North. The Rope Ratchet quickly became one of the most popular, easy to use tie-down systems made today. No ratchet mechanics, no winding spools just hook the two ends and pull tight for a secure hold. If you want to tie it down the Rope Ratchet is the tool to do it with. Carolina North also owns Liberty Garden Products which makes a full line of Decorative Hose Reels, Hose Reel Carts, Wall Reels, Hose Stands, Hose Pots for the commercial and home gardener.




Dead Ringer Hunting:

Founded with the primary objective of making tough hunting products that are both practical and affordable, Dead Ringer’s dedication to quality and durability is second to none. Our focus on innovation is fueled by professional and consumer feedback, coupled with an unwavering passion to create the best outdoor products available. Dead Ringer pushed  design limits their revolutionary Hybrid broadheads, The Rampage, The Stiletto, and The Trauma. Engineered to cut in both the closed and open position, these broadheads are setting new standards with unparalleled blade strength, bone crushing durability and supreme accuracy. Skeptics and believers alike have been thoroughly impressed with the sustained abuse these broadheads have endured in testing and in the field. Available in a variety of 100 and 125 grain combinations, in 2 blade and 3 blade options with cutting diameters of 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½” and 3 1/8”, all of which inflict vicious wound channels and leave abundant blood trails.

In addition to shaking-up the broadhead market, Dead Ringer’s product line includes an array of top notch pistol and shotgun sights, optics, blinds, decoys and other tactical/hunting accessories. For more information, check out our website, and like us on Facebook today.





Today’s modern equipment will propel an arrow faster than ever before. The manufacturing of bows, arrows, rests, releases and sights have all improved. So has fletching from GATEWAY FEATHERS. Gateway’s ‘Rayzr’ feather is the 1st Modern Feather for Modern Bowhunters. Developed with Whisper Quiet Technology it will quietly and accurately guide arrows from the fastest bows and crossbows. Whether for Target, 3D Archery or Bowhunting, use Gateway Feathers that are not just pretty -they are “Pretty Deadly”! To become more familiar with Gateway Feathers and how they will help you contact us via









Grim Reaper makes a broadhead for every bowhunter, from our 75gr. mini to our 100 gr. Whitetail Special which sports a full 2″ 3-blade cut! Field point accuracy, incredible penetration and amazing durability make Grim Reaper the most devastating and deadly broadheads on the market! If you want ‘shorter blood trails and longer stories’ give them a try and “Watch’em Drop”.






Hot Trails® was started in 1989 by Bill Moore. The idea to Heat Deer Scent and put it out in the air just seemed to be a much better way to put out a Hunting Scent. It is a family owned business run for the last 19 years by Bill and his wife Vickie east of San Antonio, Texas. They take great pride in the fact that every year Hot Trails Candles help thousands of hunters succeed in their hunting endeavors. The product line now includes scents for Whitetail Deer, Varmints and Bear. Each candle is saturated with scent, will burn for over 4 hours and will last on the shelf for years. Sold in 36 States, Canada, and Mexico, Hot Trails Scented Candles have been used in New Zealand, England, Germany, Italy, Canada & Mexico. We have plans to expand our product lines into other areas in the near future. New products are forthcoming and remember, Hot Trails is here to help you take the Trophy of Your lifetime.

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Our mission is to provide women hunters with affordable hunts in an encouraging atmosphere; mentoring and advocating positive hunting ethics, effective conservation principles while promoting the hunting heritage. Our goal is to supply information through the publication of useful articles, product reviews, and through sharing the hunting experiences of others.

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Handcrafted by skilled manufacturers, Lakewood™ Products, combines quality, durability, convenience and affordability to produce a full line of hunting cases & tackle boxes designed “For the sportsman, by the sportsman.” Made entirely in the U.S.A., Lakewood™ Products offer a wide variety of hunting cases, fishing & tackle cases, archery & bow cases, and sport cases with the outdoors in mind. Whether you’re a serious archer, gun enthusiast, or an avid fisherman, Lakewood™ sport cases & tackle boxes, with their hybrid soft/hard design, provide the best of both worlds: A soft, water repellent exterior and a durable rigid interior. All Lakewood™ sport cases are designed to float…even while fully loaded.  Now is the time to protect your hunting, fishing and specialty gear. Now is the time for Lakewood Products…Extreme Cases For The Sportsman!

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In 1992, Matt McPherson invented single cam technology and revolutionized the archery industry. Since then, Mathews Inc. has unleashed a fast and furious stream of innovations that have brought the modern compound bow to where it is today. In addition, Mathews’ pioneered and patented technologies continue to improve bow performance as well as set new industry standards year after year. If you’re searching for the most advanced, most efficient, most accurate and most powerful bows on the market, look no further than Mathews.

With so many innovative and exciting breakthroughs in bow technology to its credit, it’s no secret why archers and bowhunters around the world trust the proven performance of a Mathews. This is evident in the dominating pro-staff that uses this performance to capture an unprecedented number of 3-D victories each year, as well as the countless bowhunters who trust their “shot of a lifetime” to no other bow but a Mathews. Discover for yourself this same tournament-winning, tag-filling experience at any Authorized Mathews Retailer.






Moultrie is the most recognizable game management brand in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufactures feeders, spreaders, sprayers, scouting cameras, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With over 30 years of experience, Moultrie is an expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor brands.




The Mule Deer Foundation is a 501 © 3 charitable non-profit organization that is one of the most efficient when it comes to fundraising and then putting that money toward projects for mule deer, habitat and accessible mule deer hunting opportunities for everyone. MDF is one of the key conservation groups in North America working to restore, improve and protect mule deer, black-tailed deer and habitat for this “Icon of the West.” With a focus on science and program efficiency, MDF donors and volunteers have raised millions of dollars and put countless hours on the ground for mission-critical projects. MDF acknowledges regulated hunting as a viable management component and is committed to recruitment and retention of youth into conservation and the shooting sports. Get involved, join and support MDF.

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MyTopo is a private company based in Billings, MT. MyTopo provides navigation-ready mapping services, data, and software for professional and recreational use with a focus on efficient delivery accompanied by exceptional customer service. For more information, call 877-587-9004




On Outdoor Product review you will find a non-biased, true evaluation of all equipment dealing with the great outdoors. The product evaluators on this page are submitting their actual field evaluation and are not paid by the manufacture for their opinion. So if you want the truth, you came to the right place.




The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America Inc.

The PCBA is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to assist physically disabled persons with actively participating in bowhunting and archery sports. A major emphasis is placed on reaching people with disabilities who have never been exposed to the greatest recreational therapy in the world – bowhunting and archery.
Our organization works closely with hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and disabled individuals. A large percentage of people who work within these institutions are non-hunters. Through matched involvement with PCBA and the patients of the facilities, nurses, doctors, therapists and administrative personnel these individuals are introduced to archery and bowhunting in a very positive manner. This is one of the many ways PCBA does its part in promoting a positive public image of our sport.
Our programs are made possible by contributions from companies, organizations and individuals who generously support us. As support builds, we will continually extend our efforts and services offered to improve the quality of life for all physically challenged individuals.

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The Pink Arrow Project is about “Archers Helping Archers.”

The Pink Arrow Project is important to everyone in archery in fighting for a cure to cancer. The Pink Arrow Project allows each to give back to our archery family. The Pink Arrow Project helps to fill a need, for the archer that is looking for pink products and the manufacture that is making pink products and the shops that are selling pink products. When you buy pink products you know that you are helping to fight the terrible disease “CANCER.” We also help families where we find a need.









Dedicated to empowering women to participate in shooting sports with confidence through service and sales. With corporate sponsors, Hunter Safety System, SHE Outdoor Apparel, Limbsaver, Mathews Inc, Elite Archery, Game Plan Gear, Easton, ASA and twelve bow manufacturers we travel the country providing women the opportunity to try bows in draw weights and lengths that fit them. We also provide educational service with information about shooting sports and women friendly forum and offer products that enhance women’s abilities to participate in shooting sports including hunting clothing specifically designed to fit women.




SPYPOINT a division of GG Telecom, Inc

SPYPOINT has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling monitoring systems including digital trail cameras, wireless motion detectors and accessories since 2004. These motion activated systems are mostly used for sport hunting. GG Telecom, Inc has built a dedicated team that works hard to make SPYPOINT the leader in the trail camera market. Their products are sold throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India ; better to say all around the world. SPYPOINT offers the easiest and the best trail cameras ever made. Get the point…..SPYPOINT.


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About Summit: Summit is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality, high-performance treestands, safety straps, and ground blinds. Founded by John Woller, Sr. in 1981, the company combines a passion for engineering and hunting, which clearly shows in the design elegance and in-field functionality of all their products. Summit holds over a dozen patents and has consistently led the industry with new innovations comfort, and convenience features. Summit has been part of PRADCO Outdoor, a division of EBSCO Industries, since 2002.

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There’s an archery revolution. Compound bows are getting faster and faster but with broadheads, what you cut is what you get. Swhacker Broadheads are the answer to the faster bows on the market today. With two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges, these expandable broadheads cut through hide, bones and anything else standing between you and that trophy. As for angled shots, look no farther than Swhacker Broadheads. The tip of the broadhead enters the animal well before the wing blades impact. This eliminates cantilevering and deflections as the blades open. Swhacker Broadheads – Opens so fast you can hear the SWHACK!
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The Moonlight Fund

The Moonlight Fund was founded by burn survivors, Henry F. Coffeen III and Celia Belt with additional support from the medical team at S.A.M.M.C., Ft. Sam Houston, Texas and executives at Ernst & Young to provide services to burn, blast and amputee survivors. The Moonlight Fund has a commitment to emotional, financial and in-kind goods and services since 1998.

In 2012, the fund was chosen as the top non-profit in the nation by the Fisher House / Newman’s Own Foundation. This award was specific to their tailor made retreats and ability to provide a variety of services with low overhead.

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The most effective area repellent on the market, repelling up to 98% of mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums. Each unit creates a 15 x 15 ft. mosquito-free zone of protection – an area the size of an average deck or patio and far larger than a turkey blind, tree stand or small boat. ThermaCELL uses a repellent called allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers. ThermaCELL is odor free to humans and will not spook game. Silent, portable and tested by the US army, ThermaCELL is ideal for bowhunting and other outdoor activities.






Trophy Pursuit is an online hunting and outdoor website that provides viewers the chance to follow along on the yearlong pursuits of team members. Trophy Pursuit is a group of dedicated sportsmen out of the Midwest with a shared passion for a simple concept of bringing up-to-date, entertaining and educational web shows/short videos and regularly updated blogs by team members. Trophy Pursuit strives to maintain an element of ‘now’ in everything they do to ensure quality hunts but also allows them to elaborate on time-sensitive subjects while they are of the most benefit to the viewer. Their blogs and videos are available for all to see as soon after a successful hunt as possible. At Trophy Pursuit, ‘The Hunt Never Ends’… a phrase that really rings true in the way each member lives their lives. When one chapter closes, another begins. If you crave honest hunting excitement you’ll want to follow along on every hunt.

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Manufactures precision arrow vanes & adhesivesfor the serious bowhunter and competitive target shooter. Each vane is produced under the tightest of tolerances to ensure consistency in weight, shape, dimensions, texture and color, while its rigid construction provides maximum durability, solid stability and excellent memory. Precision flows though our vanes all the way to the target, giving archers greater accuracy and better results. Vane-Tec vanes come in three specialized profiles and nine sizes and 13 colors. • HP Series • Super Spine Series • V-Max Series.








Wildlife Research Center, inc. is the authority when it comes to scent and scent elimination. Whether it’s the hottest deer hunting scents like Special Golden Estrus® and Trail’s End® #307®, Scent Killer® products, the hottest performing scent elimination products you can get, masking or cover scents, or innovative scent wicks, drippers, and dispensers like the Magnum Scrape-Dripper™; Wildlife Research Center® truly is “The Gold Standard®”

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