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28th Annual 
National Wild Turkey Federation
Over 30,000 wild turkey enthusiasts attend the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sport Show every year. There are seminars, national calling contests, and the largest exhibition of wild turkey gear from 500 of today's manufacturers.
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NWTF Sport Show - New Products, New Ideas

Gobbler Guillotine
New Bowhunting Product, New Bowhunting Concept

by Fred Lutger

The crowd around the Arrowdynamic Solutions booth was five people deep. They were there to see Matt Futtere’s new Turkey hunting broadhead the Gobbler Guillotine. I looked over their heads and one glance at the turkey hunting video showing in the booth stopped me too.

Here's a very unique item for those who hunt turkey with a bow. I first saw it at this year's Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis where it debuted. It is a new broadhead for wild turkey bowhunters called the Gobbler Guillotine.

The inventor, Matt Futtere of Liberty Hills, TX took time away from his busy booth to do an interview with me.

Matt Futtere and Fred Lutger discussing the Gobbler Guillotine.

Matt spent 9 years from concept to finished product on this turkey dropping devise. This bird hunting only broadhead is made for shooting turkeys in the head and neck area. Frankly, I was at first skeptical of the concept of aiming at a turkey's head and neck with an arrow, although that is precisely where we aim with a shotgun. 

The Gobbler Guillotine broadhead's 4-inch blades are designed to lop a gobbler's head off and drop him in his tracks.

The 125 gr. model has a wide 4 inch by 4 inch cutting width. In the booth we watched a video of one turkey after another succumb to this deadly broadhead. 

Is a head shot ethical on a turkey? I'm convinced it is. I would not take a shot of more than 20 yards with this set up and my thoughts were echoed by Matt.

“Shoot at 20 yards or less. Many of the shots you see on film are 10 yards. Hunting from a blind makes this possible. If you miss you have an unwounded bird. A hit is a kill,” assures Matt. 

He added, “The Gobbler Guillotine flies like a field point. Perfect flight of a 4” wide blade flying through the air was the challenge. The blades act like wings of a plane and steer the arrow. By covering the blades with a plastic sleeve the air around the blades is disturbed and the arrow's fletching steers the arrow. The sleeves are severed on impact,” explained Futtere. 

Not only has Matt produced a new product he has come up with a new concept that makes sense. I'm going to try this new head this spring. I'll report back and let you know the results. 

To contact Matt Futtere email him at or phone 512-515-6299. The Arrowdynamic Solutions web sight is at Or write Arrowdynamic Solutions, PO Box 806, Liberty, TX 78642.

TO ORDER The Gobbler Guillotine CLICK HERE

I'm going to move on down the aisle and check out a few more booths. This NWTF show is the best!


Have questions or want to learn more about the Gobbler Guillotine? Contact:
Arrowdynamic Solutions 
P.O. box 806 
Liberty Hill, Texas 78642 

Phone:  512-515-6299

Owner: Matthew Futtere 
Phone:  512-515-6299 
FAX:  512-515-0329
Web Site:

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Have questions or want to
learn more about the 
Gobbler Guillotine?

Arrowdynamic Solutions
P.O. box 806 
Liberty Hill, Texas 78642 
Owner: Matthew Futtere 
Phone: 512-515-6299 
FAX: 512-515-0329
Web Site:

TO ORDER The Gobbler Guillotine: