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Updated April 4, 2000
NEWS:             Cabela's NABH 200 Schedule:  (800-224-4990)
                        June 2-4        ElkTown Open, Warren, PA
                        July 14-16     Viking Valley Open, Mankato, MN
                        Aug. 4-6         Cabela's Open, Lincoln, NE
            NFAA Marked 3-D National              May 5-7       Straight Arrow Bowhunters, Redding, CA
            NFAA Unmarked 3-D National          June 3-4       Strasburg, IL
            NFAA Outdoor National                     July 27-29    Darrington,WA
            3-D Sectionals:           Midwest           Aug. 26-27   Dakota Archery, Yankton, SD
                                                New England    May 20-21   Bradford, RI
                                                Northwest         April 29-30   Oregon
                                                Southeastern    Aug. 19-20   Gator bowmen, Gainesville, FL
            Outdoor Sectionals:   Great Lakes     June 17-18   Oakland Sportsman, Clarkston, MI
                                                Mid-Atlantic     June 17-18   Mechanicsburg, PA
                                                Midwest            June 24-25   Rapids Archery, Coon Rapids, MN
                                               New England    June 24-25    Lunenburg, MA
                                                Northwest         June 17-18    Cody Archery, Cody, WY
                                                Southeast          June 10-11`   Gator Bowmen, Gainesville, FL
             IBO 2000:
              Wild Turkey Championship:     (440-367-2137)
              May 12-14     Trail of Tears Lodge, Jonesboro, IL (Host Whitetail Sportsmen)
              May 19-21     1st Jewel Midwest Classic    Bedford, IN (812-883-6550)
              June 9-11       2nd Jewel  Great Lakes Shootout  McKean, PA (814-454-5337)
              July 7-9          3rd Jewel  Bowhunter Challenge   Nelsonville, OH (740-753-3591, ext. 2112)
              Aug. 10-13     2000 Champoionships     Snowshoe, WV   (304-572-5252)
            2000 Pro/Am Schedule:
               April 14-16    API Outdoors Louisiana Pro/Am, Tallulah, LA
               May 12-14    Realtree Outdoors Kentuck Pro/Am, Lexington, KY
               June 16-18    Rinehart Targets Michigan Pro/Am, Battle Creek, MI
               July 21-23     Mathews Solo-Cam Illinois Pro/Am, Metropolis, IL
               Aug. 24-27    ASA Classic, Wolf Creek, Atlanta, GA



The PCBA is a non-profit organization founded to assist physically disabled persons through active participation in bowhunting and archery sports. A major emphasis is placed on reaching people with disabilities who have never been exposed to the greatest recreational therapy in the world, bowhunting!

Disabled and able-bodied sportsmen and women who either require assistance themselves or simply wish to be a part of helping others are invited to apply for membership. The annual fee is only $10 per individual and only $100 for corporate/organizational memberships.

Newly injured and inexperienced sportsmen with disabilities are provided critical information and services through PCBA and its members. We demonstrate how they can learn to shoot a bow and hunt, regardless of the impairment.

PCBA serves as a national clearing house for techniques, opportunities and adaptive equipment for challenged archers. This information is provided at no charge to individuals, organizations, manufacturers and archery dealers upon request.

As with able-bodied bowhunters, fellowship is emphasized and promoted through special social events and hunting opportunities. Members develop a great bond among one another.

According to the National Health Survey conducted in 1983 through 1985, over 20 millions U.S. citizens have serious long-term physical impairments that would adversely affect their ability to hunt and shoot a bow. Before the founding of PCBA there was no central source of information for the disabled archers and bowhunters in that population. Wit today's technology and the committed bowhunters we have in the U.S. and Canada, there is no reason why a disabled person should not be able to participate in our great sport if he or she has the desire to do so. It is up to us to make it happen for them.

PCBA continuously seeks the help of manufacturers, archery and hunting organizations, research facilities and experienced hunters so we can work together to improve the quality of life for others through bowhunting.

We work closely with hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. A large percentage of people who work within these institutions are non-hunters. Through matched involvement with PCBA and the patients of the facilities, nurses, doctors, therapists and administrative personnel are being introduced to bowhunting in a very positive manner This is one of the many ways PCBA does its part to promote a positive public image of the sport.

PCBA promotes the use of the crossbow by persons with certain permanent physical disabilities who choose to use it. A win-win situation can be achieved when disabled archers and state bowhunting groups work together to institute regulations allowing challenged archers to hunt with crossbows.

Our programs are made possible by contributions from companies, organizations and individuals who generously support us. As support builds we will continually extend our efforts and services offered to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.


The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America was founded in October of 1993 in Indian Bluffs, Lexington, MS, the home of Billy Ellis, noted bowhunter and author. Billy, because of close relationships with several disabled bowhunting friends spearheaded the effort to form a national organization to help disabled persons realize the therapeutic value of bowhunting.

Twenty-five disabled bowhunters from all over the U.S. gathered at Indian Bluffs on that cool rainy October weekend in 1993 to experience an outstanding exotic hunt that was donated by Billy Ellis. These remarkable individuals had disabilities that ranged from amputees to para and quadriplegics, to persons with birth defects to people with crippling diseases, even a blind person. While there, with the guidance of Billy and several of his cohorts, this tremendously unique organizations was formed. This determined group of people sat down and decided on a name and a mission. They elected officers and set prorates and goals for what they wanted their dreams to accomplish. A short time later The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America had by laws in place, were incorporated and applied for non-profit status.

Since then, we have achieved a non-profit status, our membership has grown to several hundred members and almost one hundred corporate members and new members join daily. We have helped countless numbers achieve participation in the sport of bowhunting. We arrange and sponsor hunts and shoots throughout the country. We work with numerous state and national archery organizations in assisting them with ways to get the disabled involved in their activities and we advise companies on different adaptive equipment that will help get the disabled bowhunting.

The PCBA distributes a quarterly newsletter (The Good News) to inform the membership of the clubs activities, news and reviews about equipment that might help a challenged hunter, outfitter and guides that cater to the physical challenged hunter. It also features personal stories by our members.

Our organization receives many phone calls and letters every week from people wanting to know about ideas and methods that will help them or a friend get into the sport of bowhunting. '"We re also receiving correspondence from organizations and companies wanting to know what they can do to help us with our efforts.

Together, united, we can all help spread the world of bowhunting to everyone, regardless of the disability. The PCBA is an organization built on the strength that only comes from the effort of many helping the few. If you want to join the fight to spread the word, to help everyone join in and enjoy the sport of bowhunting please print out the following application and mail it along with your annual fee. Together there are no limits to what we can accomplish.

Board of Directors and Officers:

Board Of Directors
  • For information regarding the PCBA contact:
    ANNUAL FEE is $10 for INDIVIDUAL Membership and $100 CORPORATE memberships. If you are disabled or want to support our organization please fill out and mail, our Application Form and mail it to us, along with your membership fee to the following address.  THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED BOWHUNTERS OF AMERICA, INC, RD #1 - BOX 470, New Alexandria, PA 15670, 724-668-7439 & 785-637-5421.

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