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 Some of the things PCBA does for you as an Individual Member and/or as a Corporate Member: 
Individuals  Corporate
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Individuals: ($10.00 yearly) 
  • Publish and distribute a quarterly newsletter, "The Good News" 
  • Keep you updated on available adaptive equipment and bows 
  • Arrange hunts throughout the US that are affordable
  • Arrange PCBA sponsored hunts and meetings
  • Arrange accessibility with outfitters and guides for you to return to more realistic hunts
  • Give input into making all 3D tournaments accessible for you to participate in
  • Give input for the inclusion of crossbows and other adaptive equipment within the competitive areas
  • Give recommendations for use of crossbow to states that don’t provide it for physically challenged to return to archery and bowhunting in that state
  • Mail information to anyone who requests it, free of charge, about equipment, outfitters, guides, accessible hunting opportunities, products, etc. 
  • Field test products of interest to you and tell you if they are adaptable for your use
  • Give information on states that currently arrow crossbows and adaptive equipment for physically challenged during archery seasons
  • Speak with doctors, rehabs, bow organizations, archery shops and manufacturers to the needs of the physically challenged population
  • Instruct, educate, and advise you to the safe return of archery and bowhunting
  • Provide video of other PCBA members and how and what kinds of adaptive equipment they’ve found to work for them
  • Educate the state bow organizations and groups to the needs of certain, permanently disabled individuals who can only return to archery and bowhunting by use of a crossbow and/or certain adaptive equipment
  • Provide use of the "PCBA Scholarship/Sponsorship Fund" (as funds provide) to help you with attending PCBA sponsored and arranged hunts, meeting, etc., and eventually (as funding grows) with purchasing of adaptive equipment that you may not be able to afford otherwise. 
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Corporate Members ($100.00 yearly) 
  • Your $100.00 yearly dues helps us to help the thousands of physically challenged each year learn about archery and bowhunting 
  • Include your name, state, and phone number in each issue of "The Good News"
  • Field test and write article on your products
  • Advise you and your staff to changes needed for a physically challenged individual
  • Provide you with physically challenged members who will work with you on your advisory staff to give input, ideas, suggestions, changes, etc. on your products
  • Add your company logo to our equipment trailer (for a fee) that is seen national by thousands in the US and Canada
  • Keep your equipment listed within our Adaptive Equipment Pamphlet that we mail to anyone requesting it
  • In this growing area of the Anti-hunters, Physically Challenged Bowhunters help to broaden the hunting base, making anti-hunting challenged much more difficult.
  • Give you ways of assisting a physically challenged individual in returning to bowhunting or acquiring adaptive equipment through donations to "PCBA Scholarship/Sponsorship Fund"
  • Give you a national 501©3 non-profit, tax-deductible organization to donate products and funds to Provide physically challenged bowhunters with financial aid and moral support that only the archery industry can provide
  • All this provides you with increased sales from a fast growing population that was ignored for so long
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