People & Products, Part 4


People & Products, Part 4

By Robert Hoague (Photos by Janice Baer)

Jan 26, 2007 – 6:28:00 AM


Rich Greminger of No Trace intruduced his new scent elimination garments based on the the same effective technology that Fabreze uses.

Will Primos with Janice Baer and Timm Getts visit at the Primos booth.

Steve Lorenzo of RENZO’s Decoys shows us the tail on their doe decoy.

And then Steve turns the decoy so we can see it broadside. A very effective demo.

Robert Hoague uploading pictures to during the ATA Show.

Leroy Sisco and Rich Walton check out the Sport Lock double and single bow cases.

Jeff Bond at the Spot-Hogg booth shows us the new Whammy arrow rest..

Dave Olive shows us the rainbow of colors that Stone Mopuntain Bowstrings are available in.

Treestand Covers keep your treestand’s seat dry during rain, sleet or snow.

Truglo displays their extensive fiber optic bowsight line.

Michele and Jim Leqve at the Whisker Bisquit arrow rests booth. Michele is the Last year Michele became the first woman to bag a polar bear with
bow and arrow.

At the Womenhunters booth we were greated by Deb
Luzinski, Linda K. Burch, Janice Baer and Brianne Wood.

My friend Leroy Sisco the CEO of Texas Trophy Hunters magazine, TV show and hunting  shows visits with me at the show.

Janice Baer shoots the silent shooting new BowTech Guradian at the aTA bow try out area.

Robert Hoague, Roy Keefer and Rich Walton.


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