People & Products, Part 2


People & Products, Part 2

By Robert Hoague (Pictures by Janice Baer)

Jan 24, 2007 – 7:15:00 AM


Ralph Harris introduces the new “Bow Plane” laser alignment tool for finding your bow’s center shot — an innovative new item from American Whitetail Target Systems.

This is a closer view of the “Bow plane” mounted on a bow.

Gladys Phillips of Arizona Rim Country shows Rich Walton the EZ-Fletch arrow fletching tool for carbon arrows.

This is the Big Game Treestands booth.

And here is the Block Target booth.

Tom Wearner of Prime Media holds up an issue of Bowhunter Magazine.

Hugh Trussell demonstrats how easy it is to carry the Bow Sling Blind.

Chuck Adams

Scott Whitlock of Elimitrax discusses the Elimitrax Over Boot System.

Dann Grundman of Flex Fletch shows us the new Phantom Vanes — clear vanes that come in various sizes.

Patriotic Tom Weaver of Gateway Feathers introduces the new Patriot archery feathers.


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