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Last Updated: Feb 5, 2010 – 5:39:39 PM
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New NAP Products 2007

By Kim Cahalan

Jan 20, 2007 – 12:16:00 PM

NAP?s New HellRazor?

New Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, has recently expanded its broadhead line with a new one piece welded cut-on-contact broadhead named the New HellRazor?.  This easy-to-tune broadhead is virtually indestructible due to its one piece design.  NAP has taken sharpness to a new level that no other competitor?s broadheads in this category can match.  The premium grade re-sharpenable blades make this an ideal companion for the discriminating bowhunter.    

Available in 100 and 125 grain weights, with a 1-1/8? cutting diameter, the HellRazor is sure to be a success with today?s bowhunters.  This cut-on-contact, one-piece broadhead was developed for bowhunters demanding the ultimate performance in flight and penetration for their high speed bows.  The NAP HellRazor blades actually create the tip.  Its patent pending ?Photon Blade Bonding? fuses the .04? super thick cutlery-grade stainless steel blades together to create incredible strength and accuracy.

?I am very excited to deliver a broadhead so tough, so sharp and so balanced that every traditional or modern bowhunter will want to have as part of their hunting set-up.  With the ability to sharpen the blades, the bowhunter can have the confidence in using this broadhead for many seasons,? states Andy Simo, Owner/President of NAP.

NAP QuikSpin? Vanes Turn Super Tough with the New QuikSpin? ST. 

The original QuikSpin? was designed to optimize spin and maximize arrow accuracy, resulting in tighter groups for bowhunters and target shooters.  The QuikSpin? rotates arrows up to 300% faster than conventional vanes.  This innovative design is now reaching a new mark with a more durable material and greater elastic memory.  

The QuikSpin ST? is super tough and one of, if not the most durable vane on the market.  It is extremely quiet vane and bonds to any arrow in seconds with QuikSpin Fletching Glue or any fast-set gel.  The QuikSpin? ST will be available in a variety of colors in the following sizes:  2?, 3.125? and a new low profile 4? vane. 

NAP ThunderBall? Magnetic Nocking System

New Archery Products  introduced the New ThunderBall? Magnetic Nocking System.  Unlike conventional nock systems, this new magnetic nocking system virtually eliminates the effects of string torque and uneven nock travel for increased accuracy, better flight and deeper penetration.  It is durable and installs in minutes.  The ThunderBall? Magnetic Nocking System has an index tab for fast and easy vane orientation and it fits most popular carbon and aluminum arrow sizes.   

The ThunderBall? Magnetic Nocking System will be available as a starter kit that includes the ball, 6 nocks, a wrench and a plastic nock for fletching.  Also available are replacement packages in 12-packs for the nocks and a replacement ball package.

    ?This revolutionary system is so unique that all you need to do is position your arrow nock near the Fast Ball and it will literally nocks itself onto the string.  By eliminating the effects of string torque and uneven nock travel, the archer will gain maximum performance in arrow flight,? states Bob Mizek, Director of Engineering for NAP.

For more information on all New Archery Products, contact:  Tom Staszak, NAP, 7500 Industrial Drive, Forest Park, IL  60130  phone: (800) 323.1279


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