In Depth Product Coverage – Part 2
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In Depth Product Coverage – Part 2

By Robert Hoague

Jan 30, 2007 – 12:07:00 AM

More New Products from the 2007 ATA  Trade Show. We check out the new sight systems from Hind Sight, Tom Nelson’s recommendation the ScrapeMaker, Wind Floaters, Spando-Hands gloves and the Spando-Flage face and head camo.

Hind Sight

At the Hind Sight booth Don Priebe told us about his bowsighting system. Any bowhunter can use the
add on rear mounted Hind Sight with their present bowsight as well as purchase one of the complete Hind Sight systems from Hind Sight.

Hind Sight eliminates the peep sight. The Hind Sight is a rear mounted sight  with cross hairs. You align your sight pin in the center of the Hind Sight cross hairs.

Hind Sight Magnum Extreme aperture

Hind Sight crosshairs lined up with 2nd sight pin

Don Priebe told us, “All HindSight models are right and left hand reversible. The rear sight ring is molded of super tough nylon to protect the all important glow in the dark cross hairs. The cross hairs contain Proglow 20, the most advanced photoluminescence material on the market, which allows them to glow for up to 14 hours in total darkness. The cross hairs are strong but flexible and will stand up to the rigors of any adverse hunting condition or teraign you may encounter. The latest innovation that Hind Sight has added to all of their models is a wing nut for easy field adjustments of the rear sight.”

These are the latest additions to the Hind Sight line.

Ghost Rider

Dead Ringer from Hind Sight

The new Ghost Rider features a dual sighting system on a single mounting bracket. The Magnum Rear Aperture is paired up with the
TruGlo Tru-Site Xtreme front sight that features extra long protected fibers, ultra compact lightweight design, bonus violet LED lighting, bubble level, and glow in the dark shooters ring. When taking aim, the Magnum sight ring aligns perfectly with the front pin guard, blocking out the glow in the dark shooters ring.

Dead Ringer lined up for a shot.

If any portion of the shooters ring becomes visible when lining up the shot, you know immediately that you are out of alignment. This feature alone will insure that you are in the proper hold and correct alignment
especially in low light hunting conditions.

Dead Ringer

Ghost Rider from Hind Sight

The new Dead Ringer from Hind Sight also features a one piece dual sighting system. The Original Rear Aperture is coupled with the TruGlo Tru-Site Xtreme front sight that includes extra long protected fibers, ultra compact lightweight design, bonus violet LED lighting, and glow in the dark shooters ring for a more concentrated view of your target.

Ghost Rider lined up for a shot.

The smaller inside diameter of the rear sight ring narrows your attention to a smaller portion of your intended target. The sight ring may capture the vitals, while the rest of the animal (big antlers) is visible, but disregarded outside of the ring. The glow in the dark shooters ring matches the circumference of the rear sight ring perfect-field adjustments of the front and rear sights. Glow in the dark reference tape provided. ly for a secondary point of alignment while framing your target in low light. When this happens, you know, you have a Dead Ringer.

MX – Magnum Extreme

The MX (Magnum Xtreme) features the larger Magnum Rear Aperture on an extended mounting bracket designed to be used with your existing front sight. The distance between sights is increased. This creates a longer sight plain making the system more sensitive to bow torque, forcing a steadier hold.

MX Extreme from Hind Sight

Hind Sight Rear Apertures

The Hind Sight Original Rear Aperture and the Magnum Rear Aperture have been redesigned for 2007.The inside diameter has been enlarged, reducing the sight ring wall thickness and increasing light to the patented luminescent cross hairs. Circling and framing your target, your eye will naturally gravitate to the center of the sight ring where it automatically captures your chosen sight pin, lining up your sights for a quick, unobstructed view of your target no matter what the lighting conditions may be.

Hind Sight Magnum Extreme aperture

For information on the complete line of Hind Sight products visit the web site at or emai Don Priebe or write Hind Sight, 
P.O. Box 482, Pinckney, MI 48169. Phone: 734-878-2842
Fax: 734-878-4295


Scrapemaker makes authentic licking
limbs, realistic mock rubs, and a scrape that looks like a massive buck made

We talked to Bruce Bretzke, the Whitetail Innovators president to learn about his interesting new product, the Scrape Maker.

Bruce told us, “The Scrapemaker kit comes complete with the Scrapemaker tool, four synthetic scents and an instructional DVD. The synthetic scents have an unlimited shelf life and their smells will not change with time.”

The ScrapeMaker kit comes with the Rake, 4 bottles of scent, an instructional DVD and written Instructions.

?The 4 in 1 Scrapemaker is a handheld tool that takes the place of
rakes, files, and machetes. No longer does a hunter have to take
cumbersome equipment into the woods to make a realistic mock scrape and
rub. The Scrapemaker has a feature that is new to the industry, a
dominant buck
hoof print.? Bretzke states that by placing a single
hoof print in the middle of a scrape you are simulating what a buck
does to mark his scrape, and by doing this you can gain the attention
of both bucks and does.”

 The Scrapemaker tool has four unique
features. A two prong rake head simulates a splayed buck hoof. This
part of the tool is used to rip the ground up which creates a realistic
buck scrape.

ScrapeMaker two pronged Rake with splayed buck hoof

The jagged teeth on one side of the tool are used to create the
impression of a chewed licking limb. A specially designed straight edge
on the other side of the tool makes mock rubs. Perhaps the most
interesting part of the tool is the massive buck hoof print on the end
of the tool.

ScrapeMaker Refil Kit

“ScrapeMaker’s dominant buck scent is used best when sprayed directly on the buck print itself. The hot doe scent is to be used on the scrape during the rut. The scrape conditioner is a light urine smell that can be
applied any time of the year. The limb and mock rub scent is applied to all licking limbs and mock rubs. “

“Whitetail deer hunters are gaining valuable information by communicating with the ever elusive Whitetail deer.”, continued Bruce Bretzke. By making mock scrapes and rubs hunter?s can gain insights as to where deer are on their hunting property, what size bucks are on their land, and where they should hunt. Traditionally, a hunter has taken garden rakes, files, and machetes into the woods to make mock scrapes and rubs.”

Bruce Bretzke added, ?The buck print is what makes the scrape authentic. A buck will sign his scrape by leaving his print in it. Not only does the dominant buck take notice of the scrape, the does will activate the scrape more often when the lifelike print is put in the middle of it.?

If you would like more information visit the web site at or by email or phone Bruce Bretzke Toll Free at 888-572-7273.

Great Day, Inc. makes a variety of hunting products and the ones below are are well suited to bowhunters.


Windfloaters? are feather-light, natural fibers that float along with wind currents ? following every updraft or downdraft ? accurately tracing the wind?s path.

No other wind-detecting products are capable of this. By releasing two or three of the Windfloater? fibers periodically, the hunter can establish an invisible line of where his scent is being carried. Windfloaters? come in a package of approximately 50 fibers, usually enough to last an entire season of hunting.
Windfloaters? can be used effectively from ground level or from a treestand. In mountainous or hilly terrain, Windfloaters? are especially helpful in detecting and adjusting to changes in thermal wind patterns. In flatter terrain, a softer, almost undetectable breeze is a bow hunter?s worst enemy. In these conditions, scents tend to settle to the ground closer to the source. By using only a few Windfloater fibers at a time, a ?soft? wind can be pinpointed and dealt with effectively. Then, the hunter has a tremendous advantage in selecting the entry point and path to a hunting area, determining treestand placement, shot timing, etc.

It is important that hunters know the wind direction ? it is more
important to know  where it goes after it passes them. The wind does not
travel in straight lines ? wind currents move upward and downward,
swirl and change directions. Without knowledge of the wind patterns,
the hunter is handicapped in treestand placement, in knowing how high
to hunt, in timing shots and especially in predicting wildlife movement.


Spando-Hands provide warmth, feel , a comfortable fit, and camouflage. The rugged knit texture is thin enough for sensitive feel, yet thick enough to warm the chill of a frosty morning. Spando-Hands weigh less than an ounce and can be stored so compactly that an extra pair can be easily carried in a pocket.

Model #305 Spando-Hands come with gripper dots and Model #306 does not have gripper dots.

Spando Hands

Spando-Hands with Grippers

Both come in all the popular Spando-Flage® colors. Spando-Hands can and should be washed often to eliminate human scent. Washing does not cause shrinking or fading.

Spando-Hands are available in Black, Woodland green, Realtree hardwoods, Advantage Timber and White.

SPANDO-FLAGE “Shortcut” Facemask

No straps, no snaps, no wires or strings. Just slip the Spando-Flage® ?Shortcut? Facemask on, pull it up and ??look em in the eye!?  Shortcuts have a stretch ratio of 10 to 1 and can be conveniently  stored in even a shirt pocket.  No other facemask on the market comes close to being as user-friendly, versatile and effective as Spando-flage Shortcuts.

Spando-Flage Shortcut Facemask

Spando-Flage®  ?Shortcuts? have all the good things that hunters have always liked about Spando-Flage® — they form to the face for perfect camouflaged cover — they ?breathe? to keep you comfortable in warm weather and they hug your face to cut the chill on a frosty morning. And they blend with camo clothing and the natural surroundings to help cause a hunter to disappear to the eyes of game.

  If you are a ?run and gun? turkey hunter, a ?walk ?n stalk? bowhunter the Spando-Flage® Shortcuts get the job done fast and effectively.

Available in Desert, Realtree Hardwoods HD, Mossy Oak Breakup and Advantage Timber.

SPANDO-FLAGE Allusion Headnets

Bowhunters try to be well camouflaged, and so that when a deer, turkey or some other animal looks their way, those penetrating eyes look right on by and see nothing that resembles a human being. The Spando-Flage® Allusion Headnet covers the entire face and allows you to look your prey in the eye.

The 2007 Spando-Flage® Allusion Headnets have a more comfortable fit and a more effective, more detailed camo pattern, and get the job done like never before.

Spando-Flage Allusion Headnet

Spando-Flage® Allusion Headnets conform to the hunter?s face and eliminate the age-old problem common with all other face covers of moving and blocking the sightline as you try to make the shot. They also guarantee to prevent the problem of fogged-up glasses.

Here are some other unique features of Allusion Headnets:

  • Eyeholes can be cut to the preferred size without raveling. Caution: Do not cut prior to stretching over face ? try to slit eyeholes only large enough to see well. Caution: Be careful when using sharp objects such as scissors around the eyes.
  • Allusion Headnets can and should be washed regularly to eliminate human scent. Washing does not cause shrinkage or loss of shape.
  • Available in most popular camo patterns and can be matched perfectly to hunting apparel.
  • Provides warmth enough to cut the early morning chill, but is ventilated to be comfortable on the warmer days of early seasons.
  • Ideal for all types of hunting in any season. The camouflaged patterns are ideal for deer, turkey, elk and duck hunting. The snow white version is perfect for hunting geese or for camouflage for other kinds of hunting in snowy conditions.
  • Made with pride in the USA

For information on Wind Floaters, Spando-Flage head gear and gloves visit the Great Day Inc. web site at  or email or phone 1-866-649-1918 ext. 137 (telephone)
1-318-574-4428 (fax)
or write Great Day, Inc.,P. O. Box 472, Tallulah, LA 71284.


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