In Depth Product Coverage – Part 1


In Depth Product Coverage – Part 1

By Robert Hoague

Jan 27, 2007 – 3:46:00 PM


Interesting new products from the 2007 ATA Archery Trade Show. The Rattle Cage invention, SwiveLimb Treestands that adjust to any tree angle, Double Bull Backpack for gear and ground blinds, FaceAway &
ThinSkin peel off camo for skin and gear, Mini Genesis bow for kids, Fall Guy treestand safety system for treestand hunters, Rip
Cord Fall-Away rest that keeps your arrow on the rest, and WinterGreens seed for late Fall huntng season.

FACE AWAY and ThinSkin

Face Away and ThinSkin stick on camo

FaceAway stick-on, peel-off face camouflage eliminates the hassles of masks, nets or face paint!

Hassle freeFaceAway face camo consists of pre-cut, shaped strips of a special medical tape made by 3M. This super-thin, breathable ?tape? conforms to your face and is held in place by a special adhesive that allows for easy, painless removal.

FaceAway is different than previous camo face tapes in that the material itself is much thinner, much more conforming and much more breathable. You won?t even notice that you have it on!

Face Away is available in several popular camo patterns including Mossy Oak® and Realtree® and a 32-piece pack with shapes designed for specific parts of your face, or a 24-piece pack with general shapes. The packages double as storage containers.

New ThinSkin Breathable Camo Tape prevents rust buildup and does not leave an adhesive residue.

Ever applied camouflage to your bow or other outdoor accessory only to remove the tape to a mess of rust and/or sticky adhesive residue?

New ThinSkin breathable camo tape is different! Because it truly breathes and, therefore, does not hold in moisture, ThinSkin eliminates the build-up of rust. Plus, ThinSkin which is made from 3M medical tape, uses a special, easy-to-remove adhesive that simply will not leave a messy residue.

ThinSkin is also much thinner and more pliable then ordinary camo tape so it?s easier to apply. You?ll be able to completely cover your gun, bow, tree stand, binoculars, rangefinder, camera or any other hunting accessory. And, because ThinSkin is so easy to apply (it comes in sheets and is easy to cut with scissors) it will look like the camo was applied in the factory!    When it?s time to remove ThinSkin simply peel it off!

ThinSkin breathable camo tape sheets come in a package of 12- 5?x7? sheets that will cover plenty of your outdoor gear. ThinSkinä is available in Mossy Oak®, Realtree® and several other popular camo patterns..

To get ThinSkin or FaceAway ask your favorite retailer or visit

The tree stand safety system that keeps you constantly connected to a lifeline.

Fall Guy Superior 20 Safety Vest System

FallGuy introduces the FallGuy Superior 20 Safety Vest System and the FallGuy Retractor 20. This system  onsists of the FallGuy Vest with Harness and the Fall Guy Retractor 20. The FallGuy Vest/Harness system uses automotive industry expertise to evenly distribute weight to all the right places. In the event of a fall, you are secure and comfortable, making it easier to recover to safety.

The FallGuy Retractor 20 solves the problem of safely climbing up and down the tree. It has 20 feet of stowed webbing.  When properly installed above your tree stand, all you need to do (while still on the ground) is attach the Retractor 20 caribiner to your harness and climb the tree ? its that simple. 

Should you slip at any time, the Retractor 20 will stop the fall nearly instantly. You are protected from the time you leave the ground until you return to the ground. The Retractor 20 serves as your fall restraint system as you climb and as you hunt! The Retractor 20 is also sold separately so you can put one in every tree you hunt.
For additional information on the entire FallGuy tree stand safety product lineup visit at Or call toll-free 866-477-6723.

SwiveLimb Treestands

The SwivelLimb treestand will mount level on any tree, straight or leaning, that is  from 8″ to 30″ in dameter.  If you want to hunt in a tree that is leaning forward, or leaning backward … no problem. The SwiveLimb platform and seat adjusts to level.

SwiveLimb seat turns 360 degrees

The SwiveLimb seat rotates 360 degrees and is countour formed to fit the shape of you bottom side and is very comfortable, your weight is evenly dispersed over the entire seat surface. An attached  seatbelt holds you to the seat.  The seat’s built in lower back supoort provides increased support and increased comfort — letting you hunt longer and increasing your chance for success.

The SwiveLimb Leveling System is made of Dupont Zytel, a super-strong composite that is extremely quiet and is weather and sun resistant. It has a load rating of 300# and exceeds the impact strength of aluminum.

Leaning trees are not a problem for SwiveLimb

The SwiveLimb treestand attaches with 2 ratchet straps and a Tree Grip that bites the tree to eliminate stand slippage.

The SwivelLimb platrform is 19″ wide, powder coated, all steal and is rock solid. It secures to the tree with a ratchet strap rated at 9,500# for maximum safety and stability.

SwiveLimb sets level in a tree that leans forward.

A full body harness and lineman belt is included. The SwiveLimb meets or exceeds all T.M.A. standards.

For information about SwiveLimb Treestands visit, email or phone 405-598-LIMB.

Double Bull
?Wild Thing? Ultimate Blind Pack

Designed exclusively for Double Bull by Black?s Creek, the Wild Thing pack utilizes the same key features as a backpack. It features an extra-wide split-waist belt, multiple storage compartments, fully adjustable and weight balanced, heavy-duty internal aluminum frame, and has a foam-molded back making it the most comfortable blind pack on the market.

Wild Thing Double Bull Pack

The pack also offers versatility with features such as removable side pouches, can be used just as a backpack or add on all the components and it will carry your blind, bow, scope and tripod, binoculars, and lots of extra room for water, first aid kit, lunch, or other hunting necessities. 

?We approached Black?s Creek last year about the idea of designing a blind pack that would not only address the issue of how to carry a blind and accessories on a hunt ? but also how to make it comfortable and not back-breaking? said Brooks Johnson, co-owner of Double Bull Archery.  “We were thrilled with the results and I now use it on nearly every hunt.  It rocks!?
With the addition of the Wild Thing pack, Double Bull Archery product lines now include three models of blinds ? the successful Matrix 360°?, the T5? and T2?.  Other products include the QS3 Tri-Stool, Bow Holder, replacement nets, and a complete collection of videos featuring hundreds of hunts from North America to Africa. 


Double Bull Archery announced their decision to discontinue their Deception Brown and Deception Green camo patterns in favor of their new design ? simply called Deception All Purpose.

The new pattern takes the greens and browns found in the previous two offerings and combines them into one, making it ideal for all types of hunting environments.  Deception All Purpose still utilizes the bare branches pattern found in the Deception camouflage, but, also adds varying shades of greens and browns that are typically found in nature. Deception All Purpose is offered in all three blinds ? the Matrix 360°?, T5? and T2?.

Double Bull Archery is an innovator in the archery blind industry and this is demonstrated by the success of their most popular model, the Matrix 360°?. 

MATRIX 360 ground blind

The MATRIX 360 ground blind features the Surround Sight? Technology system giving the hunter a full 360° field of vision from anywhere inside the blind.  The Silent Slide? window adjustment system also offers shoot-through netting that will allow nearly any broadhead a safe exit. Other features of the Matrix 360° include four shooting ports, 67? center height, generous 6-foot plus shooting diameter, patented adjustable rotating hub framework, durable fiberglass framework, a black interior lining and all of this is packed into a blind that sets up in just seven seconds!

Double Bull Archery was co-founded by Keith Beam and Brooks Johnson just ten years ago. ?The development of these blinds really evolved from a growing frustration with other products on the market? said Keith Beam. ?All the products we had been using were flimsy and flapped in the wind, or were too heavy and cumbersome to carry and set up.? 

?From frame and fabric selection, we set out to develop features which would allow for adjustments in all types of weather? stated Brooks Johnson. ?Next came patented framework, hubs for added support and adjustability, Silent Slide window adjustment systems, easier set-up, and numerous other features across the board.  We spend a lot of our time hunting so we know what works and what doesn?t ? and these blinds take the work out of hunting!? 

For more information on Double Bull Archery and their complete line of products, call 1-888-464-0409 or visit them online at


In an effort to introduce young archers to the sport of archery, the Mini Genesis was developed.  As the name applies, it is a smaller version of the Original Genesis and weighs only 2 pounds and has adjustable draw weights from 6 to 12 pounds.  Compared to the Original Genesis which measures 35-1/2 inches from axle to axle, the Mini measures only 29-1/8 inches axle to axle.  The Mini is also packaged as a kit which includes: Mini Genesis Bow, color-coordinated belt tube quiver, adjustable arm guard, five size 1820 aluminum arrows, 2 archery target faces and an owner?s manual.

Mini Genesis Compound Bow

With the versatility of the Genesis, it is a perfect bow to use in a school archery program where kids of all ages and sizes can be introduced to the sport of archery with a bow that actually fits them.  That?s one of the reasons why four years ago, Mathews, Inc. decided to spearhead the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) utilizing the Genesis Bow.

What makes the Genesis the perfect bow for a school archery program? It fits virtually everyone!  From the youngest kid in the school, to the oldest, the bow can go from one hand to the next and it will fit every student. Genesis.  For the next generation!

For more information on the Genesis family of products, call (608) 269-1779, or visit the website at  For information regarding the National Archery in the Schools Program contact Jon Gauthier at 608-269-0832 ext. 205 or  The National Website can be viewed at

New Rattle Cage sounds like large bucks fighting and gives you ?remote? operation

Rattle Cage is easy to carry and lightweight (less than 1 lb) and simulates the clashing of larger antlers. As you drive the ?striker? into the Rattle Cage?, it careens off the ?speed bumps,? simulating the authoritative crashing of big deer antlers.

Rattle Cage available for Whitetail or Elk

Deer have an incredible ability to pinpoint sound. With Rattle Cage, you can create the sound of clashing antlers at ground level while in your tree stand. Simply ?yo-yo? the Rattle Cage on a cord, bouncing it off the ground.

See the Rattle Cage at your local outdoor retailer, or for more information, visit

Rip Cord Fall-Away Arrow Rest

The Ripcord Fall-Away Arrow Rest keeps your arrow on! Ripcord?s?containment arm? gurantees  that your arrow will not fall from your rest, no matter what ? even if you bump a branch, tip your bow, or get a bad case of buck fever. You can even turn your bow upside down. Your arrow can?t fall off the Rip Cord!

Rip Cord arrow rest keeps your arrow from falling out of the rest.

For 2007, Ripcord features an even stronger spring for even faster fall-away, plus it has been re-designed with more windage adjustment to fit all bows. And, Ripcord?s special ?football clip,? which connects the cord to the buss cable (so no serving is necessary) is easier than ever to install.

Check out Ripcord at your local archery dealer or visit


Attract deer for late-season hunting with WinterGreens, the late-season food plot product from The Whitetail Institute

Many food plots begin to lose their attraction capabilities when temperatures get cold and snow accumulates.  WinterGreens, from The Whitetail Institute is just the opposite. WinterGreens is a blend of brassicas that sweeten with the first hard frost, making it tastier and more appealing to deer.  WinterGreens also stands tall and stays green in cold and snow so it is more available to deer. 

Seeds for Winter food plots.

If you hunt in the late season, a plot of WinterGreens will attract deer when other food plots are dead and buried.  Cafeteria tests have proven that WinterGreens is preferred over other brassicas by a margin of 4:1!  The high-tonnage producing brassicas are exceptionally palatable due to the fact that the WinterGreens varieties come from genetic vegetable backgrounds. For more than a decade, The Whitetail Institute has performed extensive testing on brassica varieties. They tested hundreds of brassicas and brassica blends until they discovered a specific blend of ?hybrid? brassicas that proved to be incredibly palatable and produced tons of forage. No other brassica-based food plot product can match the nutritional and attraction capabilities like WinterGreens does.

WinterGreens is also exceptionally drought-resistant. This is important given the mid to late summer planting dates because, for optimal production, WinterGreens should be planted at least 50 days before first frost. 

For more information, visit or call 1-800-688-3030 today.


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