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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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ASAT.jpgSponsored by ASAT a different perspective to total camouflage.

ASAT – Retro Camo.

By Joe Byers

Feb 26, 2007 – 10:06:00 AM

Confused about which camo is best?The latest fabrics, textures, and patterns mimicking every stick, leaf, branch, tree, sage and bark?

 There is hope!

Elk tines pierced the horizon like in-coming missiles as the bull bugled and headed toward me.  In seconds the beast would be in full view and I had no place to hide.  Plopping like a turkey hunter in front of a tree, I came to full draw just at the elk’s ears cleared the rise. I held my breath, anchored, and stayed still as a stone.  The bull marched closer, 50 yards, 40, 30, and then varied its course around a small tree.  At 25 yards, my arrow zipped through its lungs, downing the 6X6 in seconds.  Lots of gear contributed to that success, the Jennings bow, Carbon Express arrow, and the Straight-Razor broadhead, but in particular, the camouflage.  Had the elk caught my silhouette or noticed something out of place, it could have easily hung up or vanished in a second of apprehension.  Camo matters and the right pattern, color, fabric, or texture can spell the difference between a campfire celebration and next year.

Camo: The Big Picture

After a decade of experimentation with sticks and leaves, both Mossy Oak and Realtree recently introduced “western” patterns, perhaps to compete with the growing market share of other companies who have developed effective patterns deigned for more open country.  Textured patterns also continue to expand, some through a totally shaggy format that completely eliminates the human form and other that add three dimensional elements.  Mimicry is a third category and has its strong proponents. 

Patterns are important, but if your outer gear gets you wet, makes noise, reflects sunlight, or becomes a scent antagonist, you are destined to fail.  Great advances in technology have made fabrics so user friendly, they will rival your favorite jeans for comfort.  In many cases, you can take one set of camo for an entire hunt. Ironically, you can blend with bushes, sticks, leaves, cactus, sage, and about every other kind of disguising vegetation in one pattern. 

ASAT is Back

Vanity seems to have overtaken the deer woods as most guys want to look good enough in their camouflage gear to go clubbing in New York City.  I’m certainly not one opposed to catching a ladies eye, yet hey man, deer and “dears” are two different species.  Even young aggressive bucks, don’t hang around the red carpet no matter how much buck lure you use.


All Season All Terrain camo was invented in the 1980’s and immediately garnered a loyal following because its unique coloration blended into any environment taking on darker hues in dark surroundings, green tints in full foliage, and blending into browns in late season.  Golden Eagle Archery, a large company in its day, offered bows in ASAT.  The color of the fabric didn’t change, yet the unique balance of color seemed to become chameleon like in the woods.   If the pattern had a down side, it just couldn’t hang cool at the prom and its popularity faded.

A successful ASAT outing at Wade Nolan’s Writers camp for the author (r), Lisa Price and Scott Alread.

Industrial Strength Camo

If you want to blend into the surroundings in almost any circumstance, you need to check out the recent re-introduction of ASAT camouflage.

ASAT is unique in that it doesn’t try to mimic a particular element of the great outdoors. It doesn’t look like a mossy oak tree or a bunch of brown leaves. ASAT is scientifically designed to mimic terrain regardless of where you hunt. It achieves that by using a tan background broken by black and brown wavy shapes.

The tan base was selected because it is the only color in the spectrum that can reflect the color of the surrounding vegetation.  It is exceptional in the whitetail woods from opening day of archery to the last days of rifle when snow covers the ground. No other camo can match the versatility of All Season All Terrain (ASAT).

Today, it’s offered in a leafy 3-D garment that weights practically nothing, yet totally camouflages your silhouette.  The light weight is perfect for hot spring bear or fall elk hunts, early season deer, or any other outing when the weather is hot.  Despite its very light weight, the thin mesh goes well over any garments you want to wear as a base. When the weather turns cold, pull the disguising suit over your warmer clothes which can be scent absorbing, insulating, or both.  The suit is so transportable, that it tucks into a day pack for use on the ground.  Also, some guys love stalking whitetails, elk, and other game and the ASAT is ideal for this situation because it matches any terrain, time of day, light, or shadow. 

Sponsored by ASAT a

different perspective to total camouflage.

Check out ASAT’s retro pattern on the web at

and you will get a different perspective to total camouflage.  Pick up a date in your Levi’s, slide on the ASAT and you can both get lost in the woods. 


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