Why Deer Aren’t Green


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Why Deer Aren’t Green

By John Kasun

Dec 5, 2006 – 10:00:00 AM


Stupid question?  Not really.  Think for a moment about how the animals of the world all seem to blend in with their surroundings regardless of the terrain or season.  Their ability to blend in is not just convenient; their survival often depends upon it.  Many prey animals such as rabbits have only two defenses, run or hide.  Most often they chose to hide because they blend in well with their surroundings.  On the other end or the food chain the coyote and wolf depend upon their ability to blend in to get close to their prey without being spotted.

  How many times did you not see a deer until it moved?  Did you every have a grouse explode under your feet and wonder why you didn’t see him first?  Ever notice how quickly a turkey can seem to vanish?  The examples are endless but the common theme is that none of these animals use the green colors or a leaf and sticks scheme that make up the majority of our most popular camo patterns, yet their very lives depend on their ability to blend in under a wide variety of conditions.  Did nature screw-up or did the camouflage industry miss some key considerations.

In the dictionary camouflage is defined as; “to deceive or hide and conceal by means of disguise”.  That is what every hunter is attempting to do when he dons his camo gear.  The fact is any camo pattern will work well under a specific set of conditions however the hunter is faced with every changing conditions.  Conventional camo takes on different characteristics depending upon if it is bright and sunny or overcast.  The background into which the hunter must blend is constantly changing especially in the fall.  Greens quickly turn to fall colors and browns, tans and blacks become the base that your camo pattern must match.  The best camo is one that works under any and all conditions and one that mimics it surroundings.  The one camo pattern that does this the best is All Seasons All Terrain Camo or as it is better known, ASAT Camo.  Let’s look at what makes it different.

The Secret Formula

The typical camo pattern shown at the top of this photo appears flat and lifeless. At a distance the pattern will blend into one solid color and lose all definition. The ASAT Leafy Wear 3-D Camo shown in the bottom of the photo has shape, definition and takes on a 3-D effect even when viewed up close. When viewed at a distance the ASAT Camo retains its definition and blends into its surroundings effectively hiding the hunter.

ASAT Camo is made of up shades of brown, tan and black. The brown and black colors represent the background and shadows found in all terrains and in all seasons.  The tan color serves a dual purpose.  It not only provides a blend between the browns and blacks but the tan color actually reflects the surrounding colors into which it is placed.  This feature gives ASAT a chameleon like quality giving the hunter the advantage of a camo that “blends” into its surroundings instead of sticking out from them.

Instead of a pattern of leaves, sticks and tree bark ASAT uses large irregular curved shapes of overlapping colors. While most camo patterns look very realistic up close when you view them from even a short distance they all loose their definition and turn into a dark blob and unfortunately that blob takes on a definite shape, that of a man.  The ultimate camo should not only disguise the hunter but it is critical that it also breaks up their outline which in turns helps them “disappear”.  ASAT’s camo pattern of irregular shapes of tans, browns and blacks does not attempt to represent specific objects and therefore when viewed at any distance it does not blob up like conventional camo patterns which means it breaks up the hunters shape allowing them to blend in with their surroundings, not stand out from them.

This close-up shot of the ASAT Leafy Wear shows how the material is cut with an irregular shape which allows it to produce additional shadows, move with the slightest breeze and break up the flat, lifeless appearance of normal camouflage. Note that the mesh onto which the 3-D fabric is sewn also is printed with the ASAT Camo pattern providing an additional camo layer.

The Only Guaranteed Camo

While this example is less then scientific note the author here is wearing a conventional camo pattern on his right arm while wearing ASAT Camo on his left arm and back. Note how easy it is to see the outline of his right arm and shoulder and how clearly defined they are. Notice how the left arm and shoulder that is covered with ASAT Leafy Wear 3-D Camo is broken up with no definite shape. The Leafy Wear is breaking up the shape of the hunters outline even at this very close range. Just imagine for a moment how sharp the outline of the conventional camo will be at a distance when the pattern blends together to form a solid blob. ASAT Leafy Wear on the other hand will become more effective with distance and help the hunter totally disappear.

In a recent conversation with Rob Smollack, President of ASAT Camo I learned just how dedicated he is to making the best camo products available.  “I make this offer to anyone who invests in ASAT Camo,” Smollack told me.  “If anyone wears ASAT Camo exclusively in the field for one year and they do not feel that they see more game then when wearing any other type of camo I will buy it back, guaranteed.  To date I have never had anyone take me up on that offer.”

The bottom line when it comes to camo is, do you want to stand out or blend in?  For more information on ASAT Camo check out their web site at: www.asatcamo.com .


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