Hunting Packs for the Serious Hunter

Brodie Swisher

Hunting Packs for the Serious Hunter

By Brodie Swisher

Sep 20, 2007 – 6:02:12 AM


think at one time or another most of us have daydreamed about hunting trips in
remote areas that require us to hoof it deep into the backcountry in search of
that tucked away spot where the game animals have experienced very little human
contact, if any.

  This month I want to
encourage you to reach those destinations as we look at a line of backpacks
that will get you ? and all your gear ? anywhere you want to go.

never forget my first hunting trip for elk in the vast forest lands found in
the state of


  The hunt was my first backpack hunting

  My hunting partner and I would
hike in as far as need be and would be gone for eight or nine days.

  It sounded great!

  That is until the fear of the unknown sunk

  It has been said that fear is the
reason for over-packing your pack.

of not having enough food, clothing, gear, etc.

I was a classic example.

  I was a
walking sporting goods store!

  We really
had no idea where we?d end up setting up camp, but by the time we found that
perfect spot, we had hiked well over six miles.

I was exhausted before the hunt ever got started.

  I swore to myself that day that I would never
again tackle such a trip without the proper gear.

  And a quality pack would be the first on my

search for the ultimate hunting pack led me across a company by the name of

Blacks Creek Guide Gear.

  I knew very quickly these guys had put an
unbelievable amount of research and testing into their line of packs.

Their craftsmanship is second to none and
unlike many other hunting packs, Blacks Creek packs are designed for the
serious hunter.

  A couple of the packs
I?ll cover in this issue are the Jim Horn Signature Series Alaskan pack, the
Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon pack, and the Double Bull Wild Thing


Jim Horn Alaskan pack is a pioneer in the line of expandable packs.

  It is roomy, rugged, and offers a variety of
features to meet whatever needs you may encounter on the trail.

  Big game hunter, Michael Batease says, ?The
Jim Horn Signature Series pack handled the job like none other.

  We pushed the pack to its limits to find its
breaking point, but none were ever found.

The total weight for all four quarters of one of the bulls was 200

  Two of us packed out that bull
in two trips using the Jim Horn Signature Series packs.

  The first trip was with the hind quarters

  The second was with the front
quarters and the loose meat.

  Each pack
trip, the weight was between 60-75 pounds of meat.

  I found that you were able to walk upright
and not hunched over like you do with many pack frames.

  The shoulder straps fit snugly and
comfortably around your shoulders and stay in that position.?

few of the Alaskan pack features include: expanding quarter pocket,
coat-carrying bungee, adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt, H20
compatible, covered zippers, spotting scope pocket, bow carrier, rifle carrier,
hunter orange pack cover, 3000 cubic inches; expands to 4000 cubic inches, and
is available in Mossy Oak Breakup or Realtree Max 1 camo.



  • Expanding quarter

  • Coat-carrying

  • Adjustable shoulder
    straps and waist belt

  • H20 compatible

  • Covered zippers

  • Spotting scope

  • Bow carrier

  • Rifle carrier

  • Hunter orange pack

  • 3000 cubic inches;
    expands to 4000 cubic inches

  • Available in Mossy
    Oak Breakup and Real Tree Max 1




Shockey annually travels across the globe in some of the most adverse
conditions known to the hunter.

  He must
be prepared for the worst of conditions and to have adequate gear for survival
with him when he hikes deep into the backcountry.


pack was designed for such hunts. The Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon pack
is likely one of the largest capacity packs found anywhere.

  Its monstrous 6500 cubic inches of storage
space will no doubt get you and all your gear deep into the wilds of your hunting


Yukon is a frame-style pack with features
including: separated sleeping bag compartment, swing-away side pockets with
storage for guns, tripods, or quad chairs, constructed from 1000-denier
Cordura, built-in aluminum shelf, adjustable suspension, and is accented with
Realtree HD.


Jim Shockey YUKON Frame Pack

Yukon Frame Pack

  • Big external
    aluminum frame pack

  • Approximately 6500
    cubic inches

  • Separated sleeping
    bag pocket

  • Swing-away side
    pockets with storage for guns, tripods, or quad chairs

  • Built from
    1000-denier Cordura

  • Accented with
    Realtree HD

  • Adjustable suspension
    for a proper fit

  • Built-in aluminum

The Wild

the last couple years, I?ve developed somewhat of an obsession for hunting at
eye-level with the game I pursue with the aid of pop-up style ground

  The Double Bull ground blind has
totally revolutionized the way I bowhunt.

I?ll admit, when I hoof it deep into the back side of my hunting
property, getting all my gear and blind can be somewhat of a hassle.

  The Wild Thing pack changes everything.

  This past fall I took off deep into the
timber with my bow, Matrix blind, tripod, video camera, chair, and decoys.

  No sweat?okay, maybe a little, but the fact
is, I got all my gear to my hunting spot without back-breaking effort.



Wild Thing pack features Predator Deception camo, and is designed to carry the
blind close and comfortably to your back.

The pack adjusts up and down for the blind length as well as for your
body length.

  Other features include:
organizer panels for all your calls, accessories, etc.

  (Panels come off and hang inside the blind
for organization), bow carrying pocket, and a 2.5 liter H20 bladder.

  After spending the last year hiking miles
upon miles of rough terrain in pursuit of deer, turkey, and the occasional
coyote, I?ve found the Wild Thing pack to be worth its weight in gold.

  Check it out.


matter where your travels and hunting trips lead you, the folks at Blacks Creek
Guide Gear have the perfect pack to meet your every need.

  Their packs are made of the highest quality
materials and craftsmanship.

  No cut
corners here.

  Just serious packs for
serious hunters.

  So wait no longer for
that backpack hunting trip of lifetime.

Strap on a pack and hit the trail in search of untapped lands deep in
the heart of God?s country.


Double Bull’s WILD THING

The ultimate blind- carrying backpack

Coming in 2007: the Cameraman Attachment!

  • Comes in
    Predator Deception camo

  • Designed
    to carry the blind comfortably; close to your back

  • Adjusts up
    and down for blind length as well as for your body length

  • Organizer
    panels for all your calls. Panels come off and hang inside the blind for

  • Bow
    carrying pocket on one of the organizer panels

  • Can be
    used as just a pack frame or with one or both panels

  • 2.5 liter
    H20 bladder

Check out
Blacks Creek?s complete line of packs at:

or call toll free

  You can also check out the
Double Bull Wild Thing pack at


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