Brodie Looks at the Best From ATA – Part 1
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Brodie Looks at the Best From ATA – Part 1

By Brodie Swisher

Jan 25, 2008 – 6:23:43 AM

It’s hard to believe that the New Year is already in full swing and we’re already knocking on the door of spring.  A new year always brings about new products for the hunter.  The 2008 Archery Trade Association (ATA) held its annual meetings January 10th-12th 2008 in Indianapolis, IN.  I once again made the annual trip to check out the plethora of new gear for archers and bowhunters.  The following gear and gadgets are just a few of my top picks for the hottest items available to bowhunters for 2008.


A new standout in the broadhead world is the new Switchblade mechanical broadhead from Tru Fire (  Upon contact with the target, the tip is pushed in deploying and locking the blades into place before the broadhead penetrates the target, giving you maximum cutting diameter on the entry hole as well as the exit hole.  The SwitchBlade’s rear deploying blades won’t deflect angled shots.  To re-set the SwitchBlade to the closed position, simply pull the tip back out.  The SwitchBlade features over 1 3/8″ cutting diameter and does not require 0-rings or rubber bands.

I want to encourage you to check out the video on Grim Reaper’s website or at your local archery pro-shop when you get a chance (  This Myth-Buster broadhead testing video is simply amazing and will open your eyes to the world of broadhead durability.  Grim Reaper’s 1 3/4″ cutting Razortip Broadhead continues to create shorter bloodtrails and longer stories for bowhunters across the country.  

From G5 Outdoors comes the new Striker Magnum (  With a devastating 1.5″ cutting diameter, the Striker Magnum is a new breed of premium replaceable-blade broadheads.  This 100% steel head features the ANIX blade-locking system, 030″ thick Lutz blades, and is available in 125 grains. 

There are also several new, super-deadly specialty heads that stood out at the show.  Muzzy’s SG-X ( was designed for small game hunting.  The SG-X is the newest member of the X-Series from Muzzy.  Features of the 100-grain head include a trocar tip, spring-loaded arms and a stainless steel body for maximum performance and durability. 

The folks at Magnus Broadheads ( release a new offering for the bowhunting turkey hunter with the new BullHead Broadhead.  The BullHead was designed for quick and clean head shots on turkeys.  The head comes in two unique designs.  Great flight characteristics and strong .048 stainless steel means accuracy and durability all season long. Resharpen or replace them when you’re ready.  In fact there’s one set of free replacement blades in every pack.  The Model MATH 100  is a 100 grain head featuring a 2 3/4 inch cutting diameter designed for head or  body shots on turkey or small game.  The Model MATH 125 is a 125 grain head with a 4 inch cutting diameter designed specifically for head & neck shots on turkeys.  The beauty of this new design is that unlike other head-shot-style broadheads, the BullHead does not require the use of straws to cover the blades to ensure accuracy in flight.  This hassle-free head is sure to be the death of many turkeys this spring.  


One of the hottest topics at this year’s show was Primos Hunting Calls’ acquisition of Double Bull Blinds (  The industry’s leading game call company and the makers of the world’s best ground blinds are now one and their latest masterpiece is the best yet.  The new Darkhorse features Primos Double Bull’s Silent Slide window system which spans a full 180-degrees across the front of the blind and adjust from 1″ to 20″ vertically.  You can “open” the window or cover it with shoot-through netting.  The back half of the Dark Horse has a black interior to eliminate “profiling” and maximize concealment.  Four shooting ports and two viewing ports provide shooting and viewing to the rear without compromising concealment.  The team’s new blinds also features an exclusive Gound Swat camo pattern designed and scaled specifically for use on ground blinds. 

Also from Primos Double Bull Blinds is the new Bale Blind.  Whether set up in the middle of a field, or tucked up along the edge, this blind is quickly becoming one of the deadliest concepts for hunting whitetail deer from the ground.  It is absolutely the ultimate ambush!  The new blind incorporates natural cover and is wind-tight and water-tight.  Specs on the blind include a center height of approximately 67 inches, a shooting diameter of 6 feet 6 inches, and a floor space of 4 feet 4 inches x 6 feet 6 inches.  The windows are customizable allowing you maximum shooting opportunities and concealment.  


There is a global swarming taking place across the country as Morrell Yellow Jacket Targets ( introduces its newest family member.  The Yellow Jacket C-XP2 Combo features the best of both worlds with their new field point/broadhead combination target.  This two-target design features a field point target side with an 18″x18″x12″ face that stops all arrows, regardless of speed and extremely easy arrow removal.  The broadhead side of the target features an 18″x18″x16″ target face and Multi Layered Density Design that stops all broadheads.  

Another new and exciting target that is spicing up the fun of archery is the new and innovative Saco Target from Saunders Archery (  This new action target is fun to shoot, exciting to watch, and is durable and economical.  Paddle-style targets are not just for rimfire plinkers anymore!  Check out the new Saco target and a put a new level of excitement in your archery practice.    

Another company that is helping add a new spark to the fun of archery shooting and bowhunting practice is MotoShot (  The MotoShot device brings ordinary 3-D targets to life.  The dual motor 4-wheel drive design gives the MotoShot the power and stability to operate on tough, outdoor terrain, or on an indoor range.  The MotoShot system easily adjusts to fit a variety of 3-D target sizes and turns ordinary 3-D targets into challenging moving targets.  MotoShot is the only portable, moving, 3-D target system.  Check out their website for a demonstration.   


The new kid on the block this year in the world of arrows is Victory Archery (  Whether in competition, or in the woods, the new VForce Arrows from Victory Archery appear to be a real contender.  The VForce arrow is specifically designed for today’s bowhunter that demands the very best performance from their equipment to ensure an accurate shot and clean kill.  VForce, a premium carbon composite arrow, guarantees tighter tolerances in weight, spine deflection and straightness. 

From Easton ( comes the new Nano-Fused Carbon Arrow.  The N-Fused Carbon Axis arrows yield higher strength to provide archers a more powerful version of one of the industry’s best bowhunting arrows.  These new Axis arrows utilize nano-fused Hybtonite epoxy.  The secret of Hybtonite epoxy lies in the patented utilization of carbon nanotubes.  Carbon nanotubes have the highest specific strength of all known materials and diameters as small as 1/10,000 of a human hair.  The length of nanotubes can reach several millimeters making them act like a continuous nano-fiber reinforcement.  The list of unbelievable characteristics of carbon nanotubes is endless but they can be utilized to full potential only with a true chemical bond.  Hybtonite is the only composite resin where the carbon nanotubes are joined with the epoxy molecules by covalent bond forming a cross-linked 3D carbon atom lattice.  This unique hybrid material outperforms regular carbon resin to create a new standard in carbon arrow construction.   

Don’t miss Part II of this issue where we’ll be checkin’ out 2008’s new bows, camo, optics, arrow components, bowhunting gadgets, and much more – To be continued?

Brodie Swisher is an outdoor writer, videographer, and world champion game caller. Check out his website at or email  


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