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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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ATA Show Review – Pt 2

By Brodie Swisher

Apr 27, 2008 – 9:38:12 AM

Last month?s
issue featured part one of the 2008 ATA show product review.  We looked at some of the newest in
broadheads, ground blinds, targets, and arrows. 
In this month?s part two of this product review we?ll look at a couple
of the year?s hottest bows, camo, decoys, optics, bowhunting gadgets, and
more.  We?ll also spotlight a few of the
newest hunting videos to hit the shelves this season.



Refuse to Follow and you won’t when shooting a BowTech General.

A few of the
new bows that are making waves this year include, Bowtech?s General, Alpine Archery’s Silverado Sabre Match Grade, Bear
Archery?s Truth 2, PSE?s X-Force SuperShort, and Hoyt?s Katera.  Features of the Bowtech General include: 8 ¼?
brace height, 307-315 fps speed (IBO), 31? axle-to-axle, and 65%-80% let-off ( 

Alpine Archery has hit another high mark with the Silverado Sabre.

The Silverado Sabre Features the New Velocitec Cam,  Axle to Axle: 35 inches.

with Brace height :6.875 inches with IBO speeds of 328 fps.


No one tells the Truth quite like Bear and this is the Truth 2.

The Truth 2 specs include:  7? brace height, 314-318 fps speed (IBO), 33?
axle-to-axle, and 80% let-off (

PSE’S new X-Force.

The X-Force SuperShort?s features include an
unbelievable 26.63? axle-to-axle shortness, 7? brace height, 322 fps speed
(IBO), and a 60%-70% adjustable let-off (  The specs on the Hoyt Katera include: a 6?
brace height, 330 fps speed (IBO), and is 33? axle-to-axle (    




 Montana Decoys – easy to carry, simple to install and effective on game.

Jerry and
the crew at

Montana Decoy (
outdo themselves once again with new decoys for the deer, antelope, caribou,
and turkey hunter.  Their strutting Tom
and feeding hen decoys are sure to be the death of many longbeards this
spring.  Like always, these decoys are
extremely portable, very quick to set up and as lifelike as anything on the

Lone Howler target.

Flambeau Outdoors ( taps the predator hunting market with their
new full-body coyote decoy.  Coyote
hunting is one of the fastest growing sports in the industry, and Flambeau?s
coyote decoy will no doubt do its share of eliminating a few more songdogs this

Robert Hoague went nuts over this incredible decoy product.

A-Way Outdoors (
offers the turkey hunter a new concept in turkey decoys with their new Turkey
Skinz.  Make your existing decoys come to
life with this real-feather turkey decoy cover.     


ASAT camo helps you conceal and that is a path to success in the field.

From ASAT Camouflage ( comes a brand new line of clothing and gear for the
hardcore hunter. ASAT?s new Elite Series offers hi-tech fabrics and
hi-performance apparel for serious hunters.   These new garments will keep you on the hunt
despite what nature?s elements throw at you. 
ASAT will also be offering several new backpacks designed by Bruzer Gear
and Timber Hawk Backpacks.  And there?s
likely nothing on earth that will hide you as well as ASAT?s Vanish-Pro 3-D Leafy
System.  This suit simply makes you
disappear regardless of the terrain or vegetation you?re hunting in.  See test photo and testimonials on ASAT camo
at their website. 

Mossy Oak’s new Treestand Pattern.

The folks at Mossy Oak (
camo offer their new Treestand pattern designed specifically for hardcore
whitetail hunters who hunt from an elevated position.  It is the ideal camouflage solution for
helping hunters alter their silhouette among the bare limbs of a tree in late
fall.  One new company that is turning
ordinary camo into 3-D camo is Power
Technology.  Power Pleat Technology camo creates true shadows
and shapes to break up the human form. 
Power Pleat camouflage uses sewn-in wrinkles to create a true
three-dimensional shadowing effect that eliminates up to 85% of the reflective
light and will not look like a billboard.

The new Dark Horse Ground Blind from Double Bull by Primos.

Want looks
that kill?  Check out the new Ground Swat camo pattern from Pattern
Masters.  The ultimate camo should not
only disguise the hunter but it is critical that it also breaks up their
outline which in turn helps them disappear. 
And that?s just what you?ll get with Ground Swat camo.  It?s the camo that adorns the new Primos
Double Bull Blinds.  Check ?em out at, or see it in action
on the blinds at



You can’t beat NIKON and this rangefinder will put you on target.

Nikon ( offers their new Team
Realtree Laser 1200 for 2008.  Nikon?s
TruTarget ranging system allows for precise ranging in all situation as far out
as 1200 yards.  It is waterproof and
fogproof.  It also features Nikon?s original
digital process for faster, more accurate reading and accuracy that is not affected
by temperature. 

ALPEN, good, inexpensive binoculars.

You can also
check out Alpen Optics (
for their award-winning line of top performance optics at affordable
prices.  New for 2008 are their

Rainier binocular series in 8×32 and 10×32 and the Teton
series in 8.5×50 and 10×50.  These new
binoculars deliver incredible optical performance in a lightweight, yet
durable, body design. 


Drag Buddy makes getting them out of the woods so much easier.

Check out
the new DragBuddy ( game
drag for the latest solution to getting your deer, hog, or other big game
animal out of the woods or field.  No
more hunched over back-breaking drags out of the woods with your deer.  The DragBuddy not only protects your trophy
buck while in transport, it protects your back, hand, arm, and whole body by
easing the way you get your game out of the woods.



nxtgeneration cool shooter stuff.

Get your
bowhunter-to-be started out on the right track with gear from NXT Generation (  You can never start ?em too young, and
NXT Generation?s functional bow and crossbow with safety arrows and projectiles
are sure to help stoke the fire for archery shooting at a very early age.  The NXT Gen crew introduced a new line of
shooting gear at the 2008 ATA show including an inflatable 3-D deer target and
turkey target, compatible with the assortment of ?weapons? now offered by the
company.  Your kids will absolutely love
it?and you will too!

Steady your shot with Mazdog.

Also, from Mazdog Outdoors ( comes a solution to helping young shooters hold steady
while at full draw.  Whether you?re an
experienced archer, beginning archer, or someone that just needs a little help,
the Mazdog RipPod can train and aid in both target practice and hunting.  While common stabilizers can reduce a bow?s
torque and vibration, it is unable to provide stabilization and balance.  The RipPod gets the job done! 



One thing
that seems to help pass the time while we await the arrival of opening day is
to indulge in the ample supply of hunting and bowhunting videos and DVD?s now
on the market.  Todd Pringnitz and the
boys at White Knuckle Productions
do an awesome job of letting you see all the
work and preparation that goes on throughout the year to make a big buck encounter
during hunting season a reality.  Their
new video, The Grind is one you don?t want to miss.  A few other edge-of-your-seat hunting videos
include:  ASAT Camo?s Feed the Addiction (, Tim Wells? Relentless
Pursuit 2 (,
Slunger Hollow?s Fair Chase Whitetail series and their new Kings of Spring
turkey video (,
Xtreme Outdoors? Xtreme Whitetails 3 (,
Double Bull?s Another Year on the Ground VIII (, Brackett Outdoors? Extreme Aerial
Bowfishing (,
Drury Outdoors? Longbeard Madness 13 (,
and Primos? Truth 19 Spring Turkey Hunting (  There are hundreds of hunting videos popping
up in the industry each year, but the previously mentioned flicks are sure to
keep you stoked for the upcoming season. 
Check ?em out!

excitement of adding new gear to our bowhunting bag of tricks is nearly as fun
as the hunt itself…almost.  Tweaking
our gear and preparing for the next season is what keeps us going.  You?re sure to find tons of gadgets on the
market that are nothing more than one man?s effort to squeeze a dollar out of
some sucker.  However, I?m confident that
the previously mentioned gear will better prepare you for the hunt and bring
you closer to the game you pursue this season. 
Shoot Straight! 

Swisher is an outdoor writer, videographer, world champion game caller, and
seminar speaker.  Check out his website
at or email 


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