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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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A Wealth of Stealth

By Brodie Swisher

Aug 20, 2007 – 12:25:31 AM

There was a time when the mere mention of the words “traditional gear” put my mind to thinking thoughts of big, long, stick and string contraptions that you couldn’t possibly slip through the woods with.  Well, times have changed and so have my thoughts on the traditional gear offered to hunters daring to take the challenge.  In this article we’ll look at one of the stealthiest bows available to traditional archers – The Dark Archer.  

As I’ve shared in recent articles, I was bit by the traditional archery bug several years ago.  Bowhunting has been my sport of choice for the last 15 years and when I was presented with the challenge of hunting with a longbow or recurve, I couldn’t resist.  I jumped in head first, and as my wife will tell you, I’ve not been the same since.  I killed my first deer with a longbow last fall.  That experience only made my traditional archery addiction worse. 

I was introduced to Bob Lee Archery by Brooks Johnson (A.K.A. The Dark Archer) of Double Bull Archery fame.  I was intrigued by the shorter and much more maneuverable take-down recurve bows made by the guys at Bob Lee Archery.  I quickly made one of these beauties of a bow my own.  My Bob Lee take-down recurve is as smooth as anything I’ve yet to shoot and is incredibly quick.  I once said (and my wife is quick to remind me) that this Bob Lee recurve would be the last bow I’d ever need.  However, there is a new kid on the block at Bob Lee Archery, and another must-have bow has arrived. 

Bob Lee’s new Dark Archer 54-inch Recurve is likely one of the stealthiest bows to come along in years.  In fact, the bow was designed specifically for the boys at Double Bull Archery and their countless ground poundin’ followers that love the pursuit of game from eye level.  The bow offers total freedom of movement within hunting enclosures, thrilling speed, powerful precision, and a silky-smooth draw. 

As mentioned, The Dark Archer was designed to provide the perfect compliment for hunting enclosures, like the Double Bull blinds, affording bowhunters an unprecedented range of maneuverability and ease of draw.  Despite its short stature, this black beauty pairs sleek design with powerful performance, sensational speed, and awe-inspiring accuracy.  This abbreviated design of Bob Lee’s ever-popular Hunter series features an inset pewter medallion bearing the Double Bull Archery brand, a leader in innovative hunting blinds.   

Why a black bow?  As mentioned, the Dark Archer was designed specifically for tight places, particularly the pop-up style ground blinds.  Good quality ground blinds like the line of blinds from Double Bull Archery, feature a black-backed interior.  This creates a black hole effect that allows for the ultimate in concealment. 

Avid ground pounders know that you can throw your camo to the back of the closet when hunting in a black-backed blind.  Black is king when hunting in the ground blinds, so the wardrobe changes to black long sleeve t-shirts or jackets.  We also make every effort to “blacken” anything that must move across the blind’s window opening.  This means black gloves and a black face mask or face paint.  Now, the days of painting or taping your bow with black cover-up are history as the Dark Archer bow offers the ultimate in ground blind concealment.  

So what does the Dark Archer (Brooks) have to say about the new bow that bears his name?  “I knew a compact bow would help a little in the blind, but the change to a shorter bow really surprised me.  I had zero problems this spring with limb tip clearance and I actually shot a good number of my birds out the side or back of my blind,” says Johnson.  Brooks also says that he can’t stress enough that maneuverability is the biggest benefit of the Dark Archer bow.  Shot opportunities that were once out of the question, are now a reality.

Brooks with his Dark Archer bow and Double Bull Matrix Blind puts turkey on the table.

“The Dark Archer offers all the same performance as the Bob Lee 60 and 62 inch take-downs I had been using, in a much lighter package.  All the Bob Lee bows are smooth, quiet, and top-end performers.  They [Bob Lee] make a no-nonsense, time proven product that I felt was the caliber of bow we could attach our name to.  I’ve always said that Rob’s (Bob Lee’s son) bows are the best shooters for the money, period,” says Johnson.      

Tight shots and lack of opportunities are a just a few of the negatives that keep would-be traditional archers from taking the plunge into the sport of going old-school with their bowhunting gear.  Bob Lee Archery and the new Dark Archer recurve bow are the solution.  See the Dark Archer for yourself and discover a wealth of stealth on your next hunt.  

Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller and outdoor writer from Paris, TN.  Contact Brodie at

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