Writers Camo – Ryan Outdoors



Writers Camo – Ryan Outdoors

By Robert Hoague

Oct 27, 2009 – 8:40:57 AM



There is quite a bit to report on this writers camp and what with having to rush to the Bowhunting.net hunt to help set things up I just don’t have the time to get more up right now. But afterward I will come back to the writers camp hunt and what happened there.

October 29

Bruce Ryan took us to a ground blind at the edge of a standing cornfield. We got in a flock of wild turkeys with a big bobcat in tow. The turkeys picked up on the bobcat and putted him over and over. He turned into the corn field and that was the end of him. 

October 28

We arrived at the Writers Camp on Wednesday and Jeff Neal of Hartland Seed took us to a food plot (Heartland of course) and it started raining. But we still had two does walk by the ground blind at 10 yards. Coulda, probabbly shoulda, but didn’t.

October 26

I picked up Robbie Cramer Sunday morning and began the drive to Pomeroy, Ohio and the Ryan  Outdoors Writers Camp and Deer Hunt.

At the event will be Jerry Petersen from Woods Wise calls, Jay Liechty from Grim Reaper Broadheads, a rep from PSE bows and Jeff Neal from Heartland Seed are the manufacturers. Writer Bob Humphrey, Tim Dehn of Arrow Trade magazine and Jason Allen from The Rush TV show are attending as media.

Right now I’m updating from a motel in Jackson, Ohio, about 40 miles from our first destination.


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