Things Get Crazy


Things Get Crazy

By Robert Hoague

Jan 9, 2010 – 3:56:15 PM


In December I rigged a Double Bull ground blind up in a ceder tree at the area known as the Point. This is a very cool setup. It is 5 feet off the ground and blends in very well with the thick ceder limbs.

Just so you know for sure you have the blind spotted this is a close up of it. I call this the Ground Blind In The Sky.

Before getting into the blind I put out a HotTrails heated scent candle. I used the doe in rut candle. I’ve had good results with HotTrails scented candles before with deer as well as wild hogs.

Time passed quickly and an hour before dark I saw a series of doe groups totalling 14 does pass through the area. Unfortunately their travel route did not include the places where I can shoot … or take their pictures.

Two bucks came almost to the candle. They were very close and I wanted to take their pictures but they were too far to the right and the tree’s limbs prevented an in-focus picture.

When daylight lessened I saw a wild boar coming in my direction. As he got into bow range I noticed more wild hogs in the brush behind the boar, a lot more hogs.

Most of the hogs came under the fence and hung out in the trees to my right — where a shot was impossible. But some stayed in the trees and brush in front of me. Here are two of them.

After this picture I grabbed my bow, but it wasn’t about these hogs. It was what I saw coming through the brush. Five big boars, and I mean real big, monsters, like 600 plus pounds and at least 6 foot long and longer. They stood half again taller than the big hogs that were here.

I took some pictures. Photo daylight was almost gone and this is the best pic I got, but I think you can see how long this bad boys was.

Daylight got dimmer and dimmer and I waited with my bow at the ready for a clear shot at one of the monster hogs.

Finally I got the chance. I had to turn down the rheostat on my Cobra Boomslang way down to keep he shine of the sight’s light from erasing the view of the hog. I aimed with my top sight.

But the boar was a few steps further than I estimated and the arrow went low. I figured the hogs would go away after my shot but that was not the case. Daylight quickly faded and it got dark.

And … it got nuts.

Fights hog broke out in several places. There were faint shadows of hogs in the trees and brush to the left, right and behind me … and in the open area directly in front of me.

The top air slits in the HotTrails candle holder glowed with the candles light.

Dozens of wild hogs had the candle surrounded, growling, grunting, squealing, and thrashing arouund.

When some hogs came in directly beneath my ground blind I realized that I had a situation working. Normally I would have gotten down and stomped around to spook them off. However, the monster hogs were still around and they were more than I wanted to mess with in the dark.

I dug my cell phone out of my pant’s pocket and phoned my neighbor Perry Wicker. No answer. I left a message for him to phone me right away.

Five minutes later he called back. I told him where I was and to drive out and get me. I added, “Whatever you do don’t get out of your truck.”

He came. The hogs heard him and stopped making noiise but they didn’t leave. Perry swung his truck around and shined his headlights into the area where I was. Hogs were all over the place.

Perry drove as close as he could get and that moved the hogs out of the area. I loaded up and we drove back to the house.


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