The Pickup Artist – Playing Hard To Get


The Pickup Artist – Playing Hard To Get

By Robert Hoague

Dec 14, 2009 – 9:49:07 PM


Before I leave for the afternoon hunt I like to take a few practice shots. Yesterday my arrows were hittiing 6 inches high. I got my Fletcher Tool and positioned the pins a little higher. But the sighting in didn’t go good. Too high. Too low.

The sight I bought before season has very bright pins but there is no reference marks for changing settings. Finally, after quite a bit of shooting I was hitting ok. So I zipped out to a Scrape and hunted. Nothing happened and when I got back home I shot a few arrows by flashlight. But I was inconsistent.

So this morning I decided not to hunt because I didn’t feel confident in my sight, yet. At the food plot I have two blinds, one for taking pictures and one for hunting. I went to the photo blind without my bow.

A bit later than 7:00 I saw Triple Kicker, two other bucks and a doe. Triple Kicker walked toward the doe and as I turned on my video camera he squatted and urinated.

Then he sucked his belly up and strutted toward the doe.

The doe followed along behind Triple Kicker.

Then one of the other bucks approached him and Triple Kicker struck a tall, menacing profile and stopped the buck.

Then all the deer moved out of my field of vision. Later a doe with two this years fawns came up and I noticed that they all had coal black hocks. So it’s very likely that the young does, which are good sized now, will have their first rut before long.

You may remember that I said I have this all on video, and I do. It’s done and in or you can Click Here to go directly to it.

During mid day I shot again and adjusted my sight just a tad because I was a little low. But it is hitting good now. That makes me feel a lot better.

I hunted at the Point and a racker buck came through after dark. I was waiting to be picked up or I wouldn’t have seen the buck.

Tomorrow morning the weather is supposed to switch back to cold and frosty. I’ll be in the food plot blind … waiting to see if I can pick up that step on Triple Kicker.


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