Saved By A BuckEye


Saved By A BuckEye

By Robert Hoague

Dec 22, 2009 – 10:19:06 PM


At 5:10 the alarm went off and woke me up. I made half a pot of coffee and nuked two packs of oatmeal. Then I checked the laptop that receives the wireless pics from my BuckEye Cam game camera that watches my nearby food plot. A picture at 5:38 got my attention, it was Triple Kicker.

The last 10 days the BuckEye Cam has taken pics of Triple Kicker during the night but not in the time frame before daylight. Oh well, I thought, he would be gone in a few minutes. After all, he is still a lot more interested in does than eating.

I washed up and put on all my hunting clothes. Then I checked the pics again. A 6:03 pic was of Triple Kicker.

In a 6:06 pic he appeared to be leaving the area. Now I needed to give the area a little time to settle down before walking over there to get in my blind. So I set my alarm for 15 minutes later and laid down on my bed, hunting boots and all.

Ring! I got up and checked the pics. A 6:28 pic showed two bucks.

I couldn’t tell for certain if one was Triple Kicker but walking out to the plot and spooking any deer was a bad idea anyway. I set the alarm for 15 minutes later.

This time a 6:45 picture had Triple Kicker and another deer.

I did a little thinking.

Issue #1 – There was no way I could sneak out to the food plot without being detected.

Issue #2 – Spooking deer in an area you hunt is not a good thing. And spooking Triple Kicker would keep him from coming back to the food plot area.

Solution – Like it or not, I had to wait until good daylight before I could risk going out to my food plot.

I sat down at my desk and waited.

At 7:06 signs of the sunrise were in the sky and the buckEye Cam transmitted another picture of him.

The BuckEye continued to transmit deer pictures until the sun shown through the tree tops. When I was certain no deer were around I slipped out to the blind. But this morning’s deer show was already over.

That afternoon I returned to the same blind and saw a lone 6-point buck just before last light.

The morning hunt had taken an unexpected turn. Normally there are no deer in the food plot at this time. But for some reason today was different. And I don’t know why.

But one thing I do know is I did the right thing by waiting.


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