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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Robbie Report

By Robert Hoague

Dec 23, 2009 – 10:06:33 AM

Robbie Cramer has been down several times this season. As you may recall he baged a big 10-point buck on opening weekend. Here is a recap of his other hunts.

On Robbie’s second hunt we had a problem at the lease properties trailer. Water pipes had came loose between the water storage tank and the pump. Robbie looked it over and we drove to the nearest hardware store and got the glue and pipe replacement that was needed.

The weather was warm and because of the water inside the pump building we had a problem of a different kind. Zillions of fierce, swarming, biting Mosquitoes.

Before the fixing started I hunt up the super mosquito repelling tool the ThermaCELL. In this picture Robbie is working inside the pump house, the ThermaCELL is hanging on the ladder by the door.

In the final stages of the repairs we moved the ThermaCELL close to the work area. If it had not been for the ThermaCELL we could not have stayed in the pump house long enough to get the work done. The mosquitoes were absolutely brutal.

The next morning he hunted the tripod stand in the strip of woods where he bagged the 10-pointer. When daylight came deer came through the area right away. The problem was that they were all bucks, and hunters can only take one buck in our county.

At last Robbie spotted a doe 90 yards away in the trees. So did a couple of bucks. They chased the doe. The doe hurried around and luckily came to a stop 15 yards from Robbie.

And Robbie was ready. His arrow hit in the vitals and the doe disappeared in the trees to Robbie’s left. Half an hour later Robbie climbed down and from the ground view he saw the doe.

A short while later I took pictures of Robbie Cramer and his second deer of the 2009 season.

Robbie Cramer harvested his second deer of the season, this doe. He used a 100 grain Grim Reaper broadhead shot from his 60 pound Bear Code. His camo was Sticks N Limbs and it did the job and kept numerous deer from seeing him. The doe went 40 yards.

After the hunt in Ohio Robbie came down to hunt again. This time the weather was cold and the rut was going. When we drove out to hunt we saw 3 deer at the Point, which was where Robbie intended to hunt. The two track farm road goes right by the Point and while a vehicle will run off any deer in the immediate area it is very likely that deer will still come through the area. Robbie wanted to hunt there and I let him out and drove to the Hammer Hole.

Robbie climbed into the treestand and waited.

It was not a long wait. Twenty minutes later a doe hurried across the nearby fence and stopped 10 yards from Robbie, intentively looking back at the two young bucks that were following her.

With 3 deer in front of him Robbie had to be careful not to attract their attention. When he drew one of the bucks saw the movement and looked at him. But it was only for an instant and Robbie moved his pin to the doe’s vitals and took his shot.

The doe ran into some nearby cedar trees. Robbie called me on the cell and I came to help with the recovery and take pictures.

No problem with the recovery, the doe was 45 yards away. We took a few pics and took the doe to be processed.

Robbie Cramer with his his third deer of the 2009 season. He used a 100 grain Grim Reaper broadhead shot from his 60 pound Bear Code. His camo was Sticks N Limbs and at the last minute, when a buck looked right at him, it broke up Robbie’s outline did the job and kept numerous deer from seeing him. The doe went 45 yards.

Indeed, my bud Robbie Cramer is having an outstanding deer season this year.


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