Pre Season Thinkin’ – Some Bad News


Pre Season Thinkin’ – Some Bad News

By Robert Hoague

Oct 12, 2009 – 11:36:07 AM


Before The Season Thinkin’

Part 1 – Bad News

On September 21st I got up and checked for pics from my BuckEye Cam at
the food plot. Yikes, at 5:26am my BuckEye Cam had beamed over the
first of many pics to my computer — wild hogs.

A couple of hogs pass in front of the BuckEye Cam.

That’s bad news for two reasons. First and foremost, they scare away the deer when
they show up. And if hogs show interrupt deer too often they may quit the area all
together for a while.

Secondly, they can make a wreck out of food plots. They dig up the
ground big time and eat the food plot plants and seeds. When they
finish nothing else grows unless you can plow and plant again.

Early the next morning I checked the BuckEye Cam pics and saw that hogs
were getting their pictures taken right now. I grabbed my bow and
camera and eased out of the house, careful to stay hidden behind my
barn and some trees until I got to my ground blind. I didn’t want to
risk getting inside the blind so I peeped around the side.

There were over a dozen wild hogs, Two big sows, a big boar and a
mixture of mid sized and shoat sized hogs were spread out all around
the plot. I moved my camera into place and took a quick picture of a
couple of them. To bring this picture into perspective the two hogs to
the left and right of the largest hog are in the 125-150 pound range.
The hog in the middle is a big sucker.

I already had an arrow nocked so I got back behind the blind and yanked
my bow back to full draw. And carefully poked a little of myself around the
side of the blind. Rats, the big hogs had moved. I poked a little more
of me out until I saw one of the big ones.

Not good. It was watching me too.

In a split second I was standing alone, bow in hand, at full draw, with
no hogs i n range. They were rapidly disappearing into the woods.

As it turned out being seen by the hogs stopped them from coming to the
food plot any more, which was my main motive anyway. So, mission
accomplished, without the pork chops and sausage.

Here are some more wild hog pics. And then we will move on to Part 2 of getting info for the season.

A black hog gets caught on the BuckEye Cam.

There are several spotted wild hogs in the camera’s pics, some big and some small. And this big, bad food plot rooting one.

A large black hog takes a shot of infra red and gets beamed over to my computer.


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