Part 2 – Scoping Out The Bucks
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Part 2 – Scoping Out The Bucks

By Robert Hoague

Oct 13, 2009 – 6:22:52 PM

Part 2 – Scoping Out The Bucks

The BuckEye Cam is an amazing game camera. Evey morning and anytime
during the day or night, I can check it and see what does and bucks are
walking in front of it’s infra red lens. I moved it to 5 different
locations to cover access trails to the food plot and set it for 1
second delay. I didn’t want to miss anything.

It averaged 500 pics a
day.and sent them all via the cameras wireless system  to a laptop I
have dedicated to receiving the pics. Hey, I don’t have to go into the area
at all to get the pictures. I can even look at the pics remotely  by
logging onto

To get a handle on what is around I scrolled through the pics daily and deleted the majority of them. (I have a gallery up with 88 pics that show the important players and activity.) Here is what iI found out.

Some sparring is going on as well as aggressive interaction.

Below is a big 10-point. He is long and beefy, the heaviest buck in any of the
pictures. He is outside his ears and has good mass for our ranch land,
over hunted area.  Here are 3 pic of him. We can call him Big 10. There
is an 8 point in the photo gallery that looks almost exactly like Big

Next up is a buddy buck of Triple Kicker. From the pics I note that they
hang together, at least for the time being. This buck has a very nice
8-point rack with longish tines and brow tines. He is a little short on
width and I know I’ll pass him and wish him well for being around next
year. Take a look at Buddy-8.

The page is getting kinda long so I’ll open up a new page with the ones I’m wanting to run into this year.

The page is getting kinda long so I’ll open up a new page with the ones I’m wanting to run into this year.

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