Opening Morning – 2009


Opening Morning – 2009

By Robert Hoague

Oct 3, 2009 – 5:45:52 PM


I woke up and peered across the dark room at the display on my alarm
clock … 4:29am. Half an hour to go before get-up time.

I woke up
again at 4:55, laid there for a few seconds and then threw off the covers and got up. First thing, I
loaded up the coffee maker and started a pot. Then I checked the game
camera pictures from the wireless BuckEye Cam. They started off ok but
something had bumped the camera stand and the rest of the pictures were
of deer legs and feet.

John Askew walked into the house and we drank a cup and chatted for
awhile. Then we got ready for Day 1, hunt number 1 of the 2009 bow
season. John wasn’t the only one down. His son in law Colt came with
him. Also, Robbie Cramer, Robbie Beckwith and his son Josh arrived
yesterday afternoon. They were staying 3/4 of a mile down the farm road
in our Deer Lease tailor.

At 6:00am I sat in the dark of my blind overlooking my main food plot.
But is was too dark to do any overlooking right now. Thirty minutes
later I noticed a dark figure to the left and about 10 yards away.
Binocular time.

The faint figure was a long bodied deer. And two more horizontal shapes
were a few steps past it. There was not enough light to tell if they
were bucks or does, yet, but by the size of the closest one I was
betting on a buck. In a little while I’d know.

I guess because I was anxious, the little while took a long time.
Eventually I saw that all three had shadowy objects above their heads,
they were bucks.

Day light came world record slow. Finally a dim light sprawled across
the lowest part of the eastern sky. The biggest buck was broadside and
I focused my Nikon binocs on his still unclear rack. The buck took a
few steps further away and turned. For the first time I saw the back of
his head and I got a better look at his antlers.

Wide … and familiar.

Sunlight streamed shades of pink and  red through the trees. Three
years ago I photographed a buck I nick named “Wide 8.” The next year I
videoed him and that time he was an 11 point. I spent a few seconds too
long videoing him and by the time I switched to the bow he got out to
30 yards and I didn’t want to shoot that far. Last year I didn’t see
him at all.

But he was still around.

I needed at least 5 minutes before I would be able to get his picture.

But I guess Wide 8 wasn’t up for any pictures today … or an archery
lesson either. The three bucks walked by the left side of my blind and
went to where they spend the daytime hours.

Real daylight came.

I saw 14 more deer. Some came to the food plot and the others browsed
through the edge of the woods 90 yards away or on the hill to the
southeast. I took picture of them all but dropped my memory stick on
the way back to the house — and searched hard but could not find it.

After the morning hunt I learned that Robbie Beckwith had seen 11 deer
at the Point but they were skittish. Josh saw 4 deer at the Duck’s
Condo blind and missed a shot at a wild hog. Robbie Cramer had a dozen
deer in his area.

We went to the Texas Cafe and met up with John’s wife and his daughter Emily. We had a good meal.

Afterward I grabbed an hour nap and went out for the afternoon hunt. My
plan was to hunt the ground blind by the Last Barn but on the way I
noticed a buck that had not seem me, yet, and I hurried back to my food
plot blind. And a very deer-full afternoon began.

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