Locating Triple Kicker



Locating Triple Kicker

By Robert Hoague

Dec 13, 2009 – 11:16:57 AM


In my main food plot area there are 4 stands: treestands are on the hill, the south side of the plot and in a strip of woods to the east. This afternoon I tried the treestand on the south side. I’d only been seated 5 minutes when I caught a glimpse antlers in the strip of woods to the east.

I Nikoned the buck up and when he turned his head I recognized Triple Kicker. He was watching the area.

Triple Kicker browsed slowly. I assume he was eating acorns because there is a bumper crop on my place this year (although most of the area around here had a poor acorn crop).

I got a pic as he turned and watched the opposite direction. Two other bucks were in the trees near by, browsing.

The pictures may make you think this happened fast but that is not the case. It happened at a snails pace and most of the time there were too many trees in the way to get a picture. Of course, I was wanting Triple Kicker to walk by my treestand.

He continued on through the strip of woods instead. And actually walked right by my other treestand.

Right now I seem to be a step or two behind Triple Kicker. But I’ll keep stepping and chances are good that I might get a step up on him. The main thing is not to spook him and chased him out of the area.


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