John Bags A Buck


John Bags A Buck

By Robert Hoague

Dec 22, 2009 – 5:49:02 AM


John Askew has several stand sites on our deer lease and he skipped around to see what was going on. When he hunted his stand we call the Rock Ledge stand he got a shot opportunity at a mature doe.

The Rock Ledge is at the bottom of a rocky hill that is adjacent to a field that is sometimes planted in oats or wheat, and sometimes not. This was one of the not years. John has a tripod tucked away in the cover of some trees. Deer travel on trails that run parallel to the edge of the woods.

When the doe was broadside John drew and took his shot. Hit perfectly, the doe dashed 15 yards and went down.

This year he set up a tripod at a new stand site in the woods on the north side of Alex’s road. When he hunted there he saw a couple of mature bucks but they were out of range. John hung in there and when a nice 8-point followed a doe into bow range John took aim and once again made a perfect shot and the buck fell in 20 yards.

When I came in from hunting I saw John and he told me he had a buck. We went to take pictures of his buck.


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