It’s CC-10


It’s CC-10

By Robert Hoague

Oct 19, 2009 – 6:15:43 AM


The game camera pictures of the Crab Claw 10 buck had me full of anticipation for the possibility of actually seeing him. During the morning hunt I saw a bunch of deer again but they stuck to the wooded areas.

The afternoon hunt drifted on, deerless. Eventually daylight began drifting away too. Some days in the deer woods are slow, it just happens, and this afternoon looked like it would be one of them.

But things were gonna get good, and very quickly.

Like it happens in bowhunting, I noticed something out of place in the woods to the north. I didn’t need my Nikon’s to tell those antlers belonged to Triple Kicker.

TK stood in the woods for several minutes before advancing to the edge of the food plot area.

Triple Kicker walked behind the food plot and over to the bottom of the hill to the south east. Then he cautiously used the surrounding cover and walked to the rusty fence that once was a boundary separating two pieces of property. He stooped at the fence and watched the area.

Meanwhile his buddy buck 8-point stepped out of the trees to the east.

Daylight continued to fade as Buddy-8 went up to a spike in the food plot. The spike moved out of his way and the 8 walked closer to my blind.

Even though I could see ok, the light was almost too low for my camera to take a picture anymore when Triple Kicker went to a tree 45 yards away and marked the overhead limbs and worked a scrape.

Triple Kicker turned and came back to food plot and he and Buddy-8 stood together. Suddenly the two bucks, and all the other deer looked to the south. So did I.


A heck of a big racked buck was coming briskly down the fence line toward the food plot. Triple Kicker set his ears back and did the stiff legged walk toward the new buck.

In the fading light, I got the Nikon’s on the new buck and saw it had big crab claw front points in front of its long tines. Oh my! It was the Crab Claw-10 buck.

He ignored Triple Kicker and made a hurried tour of all the deer scattered around the food plot. That done, he went into stiff legged mode and swaggered toward Buddy-8.

Buddy-8 just watched him getting closer. Suddenly, Triple Kicker was coming in from my right, doing the stiff legged, ears back thing.

Triple Kicker stopped. But CC-10 trotted off toward the woods to the north, his wide rack looked awesome. Triple Kicker followed him. He looked awesome too.

Ten minutes later it was as dark as the inside of a coal mine. And my mind continued to re-play what I had seen. CC-10 in the light of day.

That night he walked in front of my game camera at 10:00, midnight and 4 in the morning.

Man, I love hunting deer with my bow.


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