Food Plot – After Bear
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Food Plot – After Bear

By Robert Hoague

Oct 11, 2009 – 9:55:31 PM


After Bear

When I arrived home after the antelope hunt in Montana and bear hunt in
Ontario I checked out the main food plot. There was good news and not
so good news.

The good news was that the plot was filled in with plant growth. The
not so good part was that it was currently lacking for rain and had
lost its bright green luster. A little rain would fix that. But there wasn’t any in the forecast.

Three days after I got home I went to one of the blinds to watch the
plot. The first visitors were a spike buck that had recently shed its
velvet and a doe.

A handful of other deer visited the area but I’ll spare you the pics of
them and cut right to the chase. A buck stepped out of the trees and
stood at the woods edge. After 5 years of taking its pictures I
recognized him immediately. Triple Kicker. His velvet was gone now and
he had his 2009 hard antlers.

I pumped the zoom up on the camera and got a larger pic of him so you could see him better.

Triple Kicker approached a doe in the food plot and stood around for about a minute. Then he left the area.

So deer were visiting the food plot and the appearance of Triple Kicker
meant that other mature bucks were probably coming to the area too. So
I charged up the battery on my BuckEye Cam wireless camera and set it
out next to the food plot to see what else was about. Then every
morning I could check one of my laptop computers and view the pictures,
sent via the camera’s wireless system, and know what else was around. 

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