Food Plot – A Week Later


Food Plot – A Week Later

By Robert Hoague

Oct 9, 2009 – 10:48:28 AM


Rain fell two days after planting, half an inch, not a lot of rain but
probably enough the get things started growing. One week later green sprouts were scattered around in the dirt. I watched the plot
again for signs of deer activity.

A doe walked into the plot and nibbled on green shoots. Pretty soon a buck walked up to the edge of the plot and looked around.

The buck stepped into the plowed area and joined the doe in scrounging for fresh green growth.

I zoomed in a little more as the buck walked around and passed by the
doe. He is a nice 8-point with longish tine length and brow tines.

Here is a closer pic that shows you the buck very nicely during a scratching and leg licking session.

At this point things are looking good, the plot goodies are growing, and some deer are already visiting the food plot and browsing.

The time frame is early August. I will leave for an Antelope hunt and Bear hunt and we will see what’s up with the plot when I return home.


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