Dec 9 – Triple Kicker
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Dec 9 – Triple Kicker

By Robert Hoague

Dec 9, 2009 – 11:04:26 AM

Cold … in the mid 20’s. 6:00am. Calm. One of those dead dark mornings. I eased into my food plot blind, pulled my black wool cap down over my ears and waited in silence.

At 6:45 the wind kicked up with a strong gust that blew into my viewing snd shooting window. When 7:15 came I felt like a block of ice. I stared at the shadowy surroundings as daylight creeped in.


Deer were right in front of me, I must have dozed off for a minute or two. Three bucks — two young onea and one mature one. One glance at the mature one told me the biggest one was Triple Kicker.

Instantly I forgot about being cold.

First I turned on my video camera and situated it so it wasn’t in the way if I took a shot. (The pictures here are stills that I pulled off my video camera.)

I got two of the bucks in the viewfinder. And checked them with my Nikon rangefinder, 16 yards, and then took my bow off its hanging hook.

They shuffled around and I adjusted the camera to keep them in the view. They were on alert and looking into the woods behind them.

I know you’ve all been there … bow in hand or not … at that exact instant that your plan unwinds .. you know it, and you know there is no changing it.

The bucks ran, one came in my direction and passed to the left of my blind.

Triple Kicker took off to the east and turned left when he reached cover.

Things had definitely unwound.

I found him in the viewfinder, moving briskly through the tall weeds at the edge of the trees.

He slammed on the brakes and went into attention mode. He was watching of listening or smelling something that was further than I could see.

He stayed on alert for at least a minute and then relaxed, and shook his tail. Whatever the problem had been it was gone now.


Triple Kicker walked away and disappeared into the trees to the north east.

He was gone. I sat back in my chair and let the whole thing replay in my mind over and over. It felt awesome.

Nothing happened during the next hour and a half and by then I was plenty cold again and I headed home.

Indeed. Life was good this morning in the deer woods.


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