Dec 16 – At First Light
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Dec 16 – At First Light

By Robert Hoague

Dec 16, 2009 – 7:57:05 PM

5:15am. I turned off the alarm and started the coffee working. The thermometer said 22. I loaded an extra Pop Tart in the toaster.

Last night I dug out my Wolverine super insulated boots, and I was gonna need them. As a last minute thing I stuck a Chill Buster in my pocket to give it a try if I got cold. Then I eased out of the house at 6:15 and walked to the food plot blind.

In 15 minutes I was getting colder by the minute. Remembering the Chill Buster I got it out and fastened it around my neck. There was a near immediate difference, my upper body definitely was warmer. And it stayed warm.

This Chill Buster is really something. Keeping my neck from getting cold made a big difference. Plus, the way the Chill Buster is designed I slipped it up over my chin and I was even more comfortable.

Dark, deer shaped shadows walked into the food plot. I glassed them and it was still too dark to see if they had antlers. Soon a strip of faint sunlight was visible to the east. Gradually more light came. Now there were four deer and they all were bucks. Mr. Nikon binocs showed me that Triple Kicker was with them.

Soon there was enough faint light to use my range finder (also a Nikon). Triple Kicker was straight out from me and 18.5 yards. But there was not enough light yet to take a shot.

When there was enough first light I turned my video camera on and framed up Triple Kicker, now only 16 yards away. I got my bow and quickly checked everything. I was ready.

When I looked up Triple Kicker was walking slowly … further away.

He continued through my narrow food plot and passed one of the other bucks.

When he cleared the plot he stopped and browsed on some leafy weeds. Here is a zoomed in pic as he looks around.

Soon he was done and turned and walked away.

One of the remaining bucks followed him.

The next two hours were totally deerless. (And yes, I will put the video up from this morning.)

Later on that afternoon I practiced shooting and shot real well. I returned to the food plot and had another deerless session.

You can bet I’ll be setting in the dark in the same place tomorrow morning. Zano wish me luck. I got an itchy release trigger finger.


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