Dec 11 – 9-point In Rut


Dec 11 – 9-point In Rut

By Robert Hoague

Dec 11, 2009 – 6:13:20 PM


One more below freezing morning. Frost covered my food plot and glistened in the first faint hint of daylight. They didn’t come to the plot but 13 does in a group walked by in the trees 80 yards away to the north. Twenty minutes later 8 more does walked through in the same trees.

It would be fair to say that the main part of the rut is over.

Surprise! A lone doe walked by me, very close.

A little further out, but not much, a buck came into view, following or else trying to approach the doe. His neck was stretched out and his nose was pulsating.

Five other does had entered the food plot and the lone doe walked by them and turned toward the woods to the east. The buck followed her.

When he got near the doe the buck stopped a moment and then turned around. Apparently the scent that brung him here was some where else.

While he was pursuing the wrong doe the other does spread out and the 9-point aimed himself at one to my right. I couldn’t help but notice when a doe and button buck snuck out behind him. 

Exhausting the possibility of the does by me being in rut the buck stopped and looked the area over. He he saw the doe and button head sneaking away and got moving.

When the button buck saw the 9-point coming he skedaddled into the trees. In seconds the doe was cut off and the buck followed the doe out of my view.

Later, I saw two more does.

At this point in the season I’m sure the peak of the rut is over. But as far as this bowhunter is concerned that is ok with me. Our area has a lot of does and during the rut the bucks don’t have to move a lot to connect with does.

I guarantee you, not all the does have been bred and those remaining does will come in again during December. And early born doe fawns will come in also. So the bucks will have to spend more time in search mode. Yep, late December is when I see new bucks. And maybe even CC-10 if he is still in the area.

And that’s how it was in the deer woods this morning.


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