CC-10 At Last


CC-10 At Last

By Robert Hoague

Oct 24, 2009 – 5:13:07 AM


A wide, big racked buck came out of the gulch 100 yards away. By the time I got the binocs on him he was on the hill and coming in my direction. It’s rack was wide and high … and it had 10 points. No mistaking it, this was the Crab Claw-10 buck.

He wasted no time. In seconds he was walking about 35 yards from me. I let my camera do the talking.

Rats, he took a left. But he was still in my game and I got my bow ready. Rats again, he did a 180 and cut across the far side of the food plot. 

CC-10 headed straight to a scrape tree at the north east edge of the plot and raked the overhead branches and worked the scrape. I snatched up the camera and balanced it on the top cam of my bow and got a picture. 

Then he waded through the tall weeds beyond the scrape tree. I put the camera on full zoom and got him in view as he watched another buck.

I waited for him to look my direction and finally he did. Oh boy, does he look good. I put my bow down for a bit.

He had not shown any interest in the food plot but now he got down to scarfing down some fresh groceries. I really like this picture. Look at those antlers poking up out of the weeds.

In the next two pictures you can see the large leaf, dark green plants he is picking out and eating.

So I’m setting there with my video camera taking pics and video of the CC-10 buck. He’s 50 to 60 yards away and I’m thinking it’s cool that I’m getting pics and video … but it would be nice if he got over here where I was.

Finally, he turned and started walking around.

However, he wound up further away in the shadows of some trees. And soon I could not see him at all in the dense woods. A couple of young bucks and three does came into the food plot.

Then I saw CC-10 coming out of the trees and I zoomed in on him.

I got a broadside pic with the zoom on at 30 yards.

Then he turned again and came closer. I un-zoomed and took one last pic before I got my bow.

As I hooked my release to the string loop CC-10 started eating in the food plot … 10 yards from me. But facing me straight on. Not a shot that I would risk taking.

I waited.


He quartered a little but still too head on for a sure vital hit. But finally he made a move that looked like he was going to turn broadside.

I drew and got my pin on him.

But he kept on turning and now he had his butt toward me. And now he was walking away.

Almost. That’s what it came down to, almost.

I let down and got one last pic before he was out of sight.

The next morning he was in my BuckEye Cam pics again.


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