Caught Off Guard


Caught Off Guard

By Robert Hoague

Dec 20, 2009 – 11:40:16 AM


After daylight several young bucks and does worked their way through my area. But by 7:15 things had dried up.

Half an hour later I got my laptop out and looked through pictures from this month. There were a bunch and time slipped by. I started organizing them and assembling the ones that I wanted to use on the

I glanced up. Triple Kicker was standing 15 yards away. My video camera was set up and turned it on, pushed record and got him in the viewfinder. (These pictures are ones that I lifted from the video.)

Triple Kicker looked nervous. He was preoccupied with something behind me that I could not see.

He moved around, still looking at something. But still taking the time to scarf down the small amount of C’Mere 3-Day Harvest that was left from what I threw out yesterday.

I reached for my bow and checked to be sure he was in the video frame.

Moving slowly so I wouldn’t make any unwanted noise, I hooked up my Fletch Hook to my string loop and got ready to draw.

Triple Kicker was leaving and before I could get my bow back he was further than I wanted so shoot. He left via the hill to the north and I managed to get the video on him for a couple of seconds.

In my experience, older bucks loose their curiosity, if something is not right they simply leave. And another thing, They are lucky too.

Hey, it was an electrifying morning in the deer woods. Life is good.

I put the video in — CLICK HERE to go directly to it.


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