Banquet In Ohio


Banquet In Ohio

By Robert Hoague

Nov 29, 2009 – 7:48:16 PM


On Saturday night and Whitetail University hosted a
banquet for all attendees of our 2009 Ohio bowhunt. We went to the
Raider Restaurant in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Steve Mills delivering two is places of htasty home cooking.

The owners Sam and Jill Mills
served Prime Rib and the fixings as well as delicious home made pie and
cobbler. At the banquet, as on every night of our hunt, the Raider
staff took served fresh, pleasing meals and took very good care of us

Wade Nolan, on the right, introduces Mike Tonkovich of the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Mike Tonkovich welcomed us all to Ohio and proved to be a wealth of information about bowhunting in the state.

Our Guest Speaker was Mike Tonkovich, a head whitetail Biologist for
the Ohio Division Of Wildlife. Mike told us how Ohio’s whitetail
management programs have increased the overall health of the deer herd
as well as created a 1 to 1 1/2 buck to doe ration. Ohio welcomes out
of state hunters and the licenses are available over the counter at a
very affordable cost. Tonkovich stated that one of the key’s to
whitetail well being is the doe harvest. The state studies the harvest
statistics for bowhunters, shotgun and muzzleloader hunters and has
come up with successful bag limits that give the results the state’s
biologists want.

Once his talk was done Mike took questions from the audience. This was
very informative also. Ohio is indeed a state that is whitetail and
hunter friendly.

Following dinner Wade Nolan gave a seminar about the biology of scent
control issues and techniques that are effective for reducing a
deer hunter’s scent.

Here are a few pics from dinner at Raider Restaurant and the 2009 banquet.

Then it was off to Clendenning Lake Marina to our cabins and then off to sleep in preparation for the next morning’s hunts. 

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