Back To The Hunt – Opening Afternoon


Back To The Hunt – Opening Afternoon

By Robert Hoague

Oct 16, 2009 – 5:05:18 AM


When I stepped inside the blind at the food plot area I figured I had pulled it off. Immediately, I looked for the 8-point. He was in view, standing near the edge of the woods. He must have just got there because he would have surely seen me otherwise.

If my guess was right it was the Buddy-8 buck and he was studying the area. Since he hangs with the Triple Kicker buck I scoured everything in view for him. Oh, oh, what was that. I grabbed the camera. By the time the Sony got going Triple Kicker was about 40 yards from me. Here is why I didn’t see him.

He had walked up behind a tree thick enough to cover his approach. Triple Kicker turned to the right into a clump of trees and brush and watchfully moved up to the nearby rusty old fence. That’s nearby, as in less than 20 yards away.

He stood at the fence for a couple of minutes and then advanced to the food plot. Now able to let my guard down, I looked for the Buddy-8 buck.

Boy, I must have been watching Triple Kicker longer than I realized. A handful of does were already scattered around the food plot and the Buddy-8 buck was coming out of the trees and approaching two browsing does. When the does ignored him he targeted a mature, lone doe and came up behind her.

That doe darted away a few yards and the buck looked around the plot. Behind him I noticed 3 more does entering the food plot.

Meanwhile, I located Triple Kicker in the woods to the north east, walking through some sunflowers. Buddy-8 returned to the woods. Soon the other deer were gone, too.

Twenty minutes later I spotted Triple Kicker again, standing at the edge of a stand of trees that drop down into a deep gulch. Every cautious, Triple Kicker watched the area for a few minutes.

And then came out of the trees.

As he made the edge of the food plot I saw Buddy-8 behind in the trees behind him.

Both of the bucks walked into the food plot area. Triple Kicker got close to me and I got a cool pic of him. The way the picture came out the background looks close but it is at least 45 yards away. TK is only 15 yards.

Very soon, the sunlight changed, signaling that the day’s end was about twenty minutes off. With no other deer around now, the two bucks walked back to the trees by the gulch and then disappeared.

Before long opening day of 2009 was over. Indeed, life was especially good today.


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