Gary Sings One In


Gary Sings One In

By Robert Hoague

Aug 18, 2009 – 3:12:35 PM


Saturday was cold and wet and Gary Sefton hunted a water hole named the
Swimming Hole. The only antelope he saw were coming to a water hole 600
yards away. Gary is a field  tester for the Run-N-Gun ground blind from
Summit and broke the new blind down and moved it to the waterhole with
the activity. Sunday four groups of antelope watered there but none
were bucks.

Monday the wind was blowing briskly and two different doe groups came
in. After that Gary decided that he would take a doe if he got the

A lone doe walked in carefully. When the doe got to the water it
stopped and started drinking 30 yards away. Gary took advantage of its
head being down and took his shot. The hit was a good double lung shot
and the antelope bolted and ran over the berm and out of sight.

Gary got out of the blind right away and walked to the top of the berm
and there it was, only 30 yards away. It had gone 40 yards from where
the shot was. It was 2:00.

Gary was in one of the rare places where he could get a cell signal and
he called Steve. But Steve couldn’t hear because of the bad reception
but he recognized the number and figured Gary had an antelope down and
drove to his water hole to pick Gary up. When he arrived in camp we
took a few pictures and by 4:00 we had the doe in the freezer.

Gary told me this hunt was four firsts for him…

First antelope with a bow. First animal with a mechanical broadhead.
First time he ever shot anything out of a blind with a bow. And his
first game with the new Full Force bow.

Gary told me, “I was very impressed with the Grim Reaper broadhead, the
way it flew, the size of the entrance and exit hole, and the amount of
blood on the ground — the trail was short but it had a lot of blood.
Also after the arrow penetrated the antelope it continued on and
actually went further than the antelope did.”

He continued, “To set up the Run-N-Gun pop up ground blind you pull a
chord and it pops out like an umbrella and sets itself up.” Then Gary
showed me the blind and set it up so I could see it.

“Full Force Archery is a new bow company and the model that I have
shoots great. I’ve had it 6 weeks and practiced regularly with it. I
haven’t shot every bow but I’ve shot quite a few and this is the best
bow I’ve ever shot. It’s the smoothest shooting bow and it just fits

Gary has had a diverse life. In his youth he was a rodeo cowboy, a bare
back bronc rider. When he got hurt on a bronc and was laid he learned
to play guitar and started writing songs. A friend of his who was
recording in Nashville took one of Gary’s songs with him to Nashville
and Lance Carpenter of Jim Reaves Enterprises recorded it. The manager
and music publisher came to Florida and recruited Gary as a songwriter
for the company. Gary became part of the Nasville scene and gor several years he played music in clubs and wrote
songs. Waylen Jennings, Tom T Hall, Bobby Bare, Ray Price, Chris Le
Deaux, and over a hundred other artists have recorded his songs. Ray
Price’s Different Kind Of Flower and Tom T. Hall’s Soldier of Fortune
were two of Gary’s hit songs. He said “It was a fun part of my life and
I still preform and write a little.”

Gary had always been a hunter and started competing in Turkey Call
Competitions and winning. That lead to a career in the hunting
business. He became a free lance writer and has done well at it and
currently writes for Turkey Call, Deer & Deer Hunting, Turkey &
Turkey Hunting,  Archery Business, and other hunting publications.
Every year Gary for the last 12 years Gary has been a Judge for the
NWTF  Grand National Calling Contest, the most prestigious turkey
calling competition in the country.

Gary Sefton’s web site is in work and will be online  in September at


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