Rich Cercone – The Last Buck


Rich Cercone – The Last Buck

By Robert Hoague

Aug 19, 2009 – 1:00:47 PM


Rich Cercone hunted in a blind the first two days and  saw several antelope but
nothing came to my water hole. The third day he spotted and stalked and
got a shot but the wind was very strong and at 70 yards made my arrow
go wide and he missed. After that Rich went to a nearby water hole where he
actually saw Bruce make his hour long successful shot. He told me, “I enjoyed watching the
stalk through my binoculars for over an hour.Several goats came to the
water hole on the opposite side from my blind and they were 80  plus
and out of range.”

Yesterday Rich asked our head guide Steve Bishop if he had a suggestion
and he took him to a place they call the Swimming Hole and we set up a
ground blind. Shortly after he got into the blind five antelope does
came in to drink. Rich passed because he wanted to get a buck, if possible. He didn’t see
anything else for the next three hours.
Without a sound a group of 20
antelope walked into view from behind the blind. One buck was in the group but he
remained at a distance while the others watered. Several doe were 20
yards away and Rich was tempted to take one of those.

He looked back at the buck and noticed he was now walking closer. Rich held off
shooting at a doe.

The buck advanced to 45 yards and stopped broadside.
In Rich’s own words, “It didn’t look like he was coming any closer. I felt confident at 45
yards and I decided to take my shot. I heard the thump of the hit and
the buck turned in the opposite direction and leisurely walked away for 20 yards and

The shot was a heart shot, the arrow passed completely through, the Grim Reaper did a good job.


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