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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Writers Camp and Antelope Bowhunt in Montana.Sponsored by Ryan Outdoors, Grim Reaper  Broadheads, ATSKO, Darton Archery, and Trophies West Outfitters.

News From Trophies West

By Craig Hueter

Aug 14, 2009 – 1:09:37 AM

Hello, and welcome  from Craig and Troy from Trophies West.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have
another mild winter here in Montana.  The precipitation has been good
and it is shaping up to produce a lot of feed once again.  It’s too bad
right now our economy is more volatile than our weather out here.  With
that being said, in regard to the shape of our nation, we are offering
some special package hunts that reflect this.  Montana, for only the
second time ever, has guaranteed licenses left over due to an
undersell.  Please call us for details on these tags and special priced
hunt packages.  (Web site:

deer, antelope, and elk herds are currently in excellent shape.  To
support this, our deer harvest age has been averaging right at five
years old.  The bulk elk harvest age has been four to six years old,
with the average score being in the 330 to 340 range.  This shows the
type of genetics our elk herd carries here in eastern Montana.  The
antelope are still abundant as ever with numerous Pope & Young
animals harvested every year.  We also harvest a couple of Boone &
Crockett gross antelope every year with a rifle. 

for you bird hunters, we have numerous opportunities again this year
with a strong population of turkeys.  The goose hunting is as good as
it gets since we have miles of the Yellow Stone River leased.  To
experience this fly way hunt, with all the agricultural fields lying
adjacent to the river, is nothing short of incredible.  The pheasant
hunting is usually weather dependent as to what happens with the spring

and exciting this year was our first ever mountain lion hunt. This not
only takes pressure off the deer and elk herds, but adds a unique
trophy opportunity for the hunter at any skill level.  In one weekend
this past winter; six different lions were tracked with dogs resulting
in two being harvested.  This really opened our eyes to the population
of lions we have.  We will now be conducting 2-3 lion hunts each
winter.  Licenses are over the counter, but must be purchased prior to
August 31.

this upcoming hunting season fulfills your dreams.  We at Trophies West
are looking forward to doing just that for our hunters. Web site:

God Bless,

Craig & Troy   

Craig Hueter

120 Candle LN., Bozeman, MT 59715



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