Mike Jordan Dunks A Buck



Mike Jordan Dunks A Buck

By Robert Hoague

Aug 18, 2009 – 3:38:27 PM


Jordan arrived the day before the hunt and went out with head guide
Steve Bishop and checked out hunting areas. They saw a lot of antelope
but nothing on the water holes.

The first day of the hunt was rainy and Mike saw 45 to 50 antelope. A
dozen does came in as a group and watered one time. Then 3 bucks walked
up behind the blind and Mike saw them the first time when they cleared
the berm. As they drank Mike ranged them — 58 yards. Further than Mike
would shoot.  During the afternoon it rained hard and the antelope sat
down where they were and bedded and waited the rain out.

On day two antelope were in the area from 8:30 on. Several doe groups
visited the water hole to drink, the smallest was 6 and one had 24 in
it. Bucks were in the area, hanging back and watching the does. Some
bucks worked to herd some does into little groups and then watch their

On Day three Mike did not see an antelope anywhere until 4:30 in the
afternoon. Mike told me, “The wind was blowing so hard all morning I
thought it blew all the antelope into Wyoming.”

But the wind settled shortly after 4:00 and things changed for the
better. Two bucks came up behind the blind and walked past the far side
of the water hole without slowing down. They went up hill and joined a
group of 24 antelope that had just come over the top of the hill. One
of the group was a big buck, the largest Mike had seen.

Eight does and two bucks came down to water. The does watered at 20
yards but the bucks held back, watching the does. Mike ranged them at
30 yards and head on, not a shot opportunity. When the does finished
drinking one of the bucks turned broadside and quartering away. That
was what Mike was looking for. Mike’s arrow passed through behind the
rib cage and came out behind the front leg, taking out lungs and heart.
The buck ran 150 yards and stopped. Looked back. And fell dead.


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