Jay Liechty – Just In Time



Jay Liechty – Just In Time

By Robert Hoague

Aug 21, 2009 – 7:12:17 PM


Jay Liechty opted to miss the Sunday hunt so he could go to church. But Monday found him in a ground blind in the hills and buttes above the hay field he had hunted on Day 1.

He watched 3 large bucks and several groups of does but they were all hundreds of yards from the water hold where Jay’s blind was. After three hours of glassing antelope he decided to change tactics.

Jay slipped out of the ground blind and walked to higher ground where he could glass the area better and get a handle on the antelope movement. He found a place where he would not be visible and glassed the area. He located two big bucks and one monster black horned buck.

Stalking is more Jay’s style anyway and he decided to belly crawl and stalk the 800 yards to the monster buck. He had left his bowsling in the blind and needed it to carry his bow as he crawled and maneuvered his way to the now bedded buck. Jay hurried back to the ground blind, got his bowsling and stepped out of the blind.

Three steps later he caught a glimpse of a big buck coming toward the water hole.  The buck had not noticed him and Jay dove back into the blind.

By the time he got his bow out of the bowsling and hooked up his release the buck was already drinking water. One thing about these Montana antelope is they don’t drink for long so Jay knew he had to get with it or miss this opportunity.

He ranged the buck at 56 yards and went to full draw. He aimed a little forward because of the strong cross wind … and touched the trigger on his release.

The arrow his further back than Jay would have liked and it whurled and ran over a low spot in the burm. Jay didn’t have time to zip up the blind so he popped  out and ran to the low spot to keep his eye on the buck. It was already down, only 40 yards away. Jay’s Grim Reaper broadhead brought him down.

Jay Liechty and his Montana antelope buck. Jay is the owner of Grim Reaper Broadheads.



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